Alibaba Plans to Go Public This Year

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March 12 (Bloomberg) -- Inmobi Vice President of North America Crid Yu and Bloomberg’s Leslie Picker discuss Alibaba’s planned IPO on Bloomberg Television's “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Leslie, on this ipo and how much yahoo!

Is pushing for it.

The whole reason for the ipo is so yahoo!

Has a method to exit its stake in ali baba.

The chinese government looked at it and realized ali baba is owned primarily by sworn entities.

This has been in the works for several years in order to allow yahoo!

To exit stake and make it more of a chinese health company.

How game changing is if riley baba to go public echo class i think it needs to go public now because it is losing in mobile and it will give it the currency it needs to make more acquisitions.

Press ok.

It is lagging behind in mobile to a rival.

Which has a messaging service.

Is it similar to a what's apple or what is it that is beating alibaba?

It has been the dominant internet service similar to yahoo!

In its heyday.

It has branched out to a bunch of different services.

One of them is a popular messaging app similar to what's app or more like facebook messenger or the yahoo!


The messenger service has 250 million users.

It is massive.

A lot of them are based in china.

That allows it to dominate the mobile audience.

Quest that is huge.

Are you hearing what ali baba will be doing with some of the processes from the ipl?

Class unlike most, the proceeds will go to yahoo!. they are selling their stake.

It is not a capital raising event for alibaba, unlike most we see where they use capital to expand overseas and so forth.

This is a different situation for ali baba, which is why they said they are not on a timeline and why we have in anticipating this for so long.


And ali baba have an agreement where this is to happen sometime before 2015. quest i would bet it would happen sometimes this year and very soon.

You say regardless of what they're using money for, or it is going to yahoo!

And whatnot, you say they need to make acquisitions.

Who exactly could they be buying?

They have been very busy on that front.

They have been taking stakes in messaging services.

Chinese services like twitter.

They have taken a recent stake in film and video distribution production company.

And they have also started to invest in gaming.

I have to believe that will accelerate.

Nothing they have done has made a big tent in mobile.

I have to believe they are looking at other messaging services.

Quest the fact that these companies are getting bigger and bigger, does that mean the opportunity for u.s. companies here like facebook or linkedin, that those opportunities get smaller?

It is a very good question.

You look at the largest shopping portal in japan.

They bought vibrant.

This is overshadowed by the facebook whatsapp acquisition, but a lot of people have not talked about it.

It also has a lot of users and is a message service globally.

The question is, what happens when amazon moves into messaging.

About echo some of the moves we have seen in asia.

Why has facebook not gone into commerce because that seems to be the trend?


A lot more questions are raised here that we will talk about at another time.

Thank you for joining us.

Also to leslie of bloomberg news on ali baba.

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