Alibaba Boosts U.S. Investments Before IPO

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April 3 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Sarah Frier reports on Alibaba’s strategy for U.S. investments and IPO on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

U.s.. why now?

Alibaba not a household name in the u.s. but china -- giants in china.

They are listing the stock soon.

Preparing for an ipo in new york.

I am wondering what the strategy is?

If you break down the businesses they are investing in, messaging, ridesharing -- is there any cohesiveness here?

Flex to to get a sense of why they might be doing this, it might be helpful to look at the home market in china.

$.10 has been making move into e-commerce.

-- ten cent has been making a move into e-commerce.

They also recently made it possible to hail a taxi through the app.

That might be a reason.

How does investing in u.s. companies help them with competition in china?

I think it helps them get a sense of how the markets will work.

All of these companies have had international expansion.

Asia is a huge market for messaging.

A huge potential market for anyone making an app these days.

There are giants out there that they would want to have some stake in.

Have there been concerns among analysts or investors that they are diversifying a little too much away from the core product?

I think we will hear a lot of that in the run-up to i the oh.

It is being valued at 200 billion, making it the second most viable internet company behind google.

Google got their hands and lost the same.

It is hard to compare.

I think there will be concerned about diversifying the market.

They have very competitors in china.

They will be spreading into the u.s.. any word on what u.s. regulators or lawmakers of ali baba making so many investments in u.s. companies?

These are very small venture capitalist investments.

I do not think it is affecting the bottom line.

Definitely a part of the silicon valley conversation.

The pr continues.

Where are we on the ipo?

Where are we at?

The road -- they are on the way.

We will hear a lot more about it.

Not sure what the data will be.

We know they have picked bankers and expecting to list in new york.

We should hear more about that very soon.

Seems like every banker except for barclays.

Thank you for joining us.

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