Alexander Denies NSA Infiltrated Google, Yahoo

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Oct. 30 (Bloomberg) -- The U.S. National Security Agency hasn’t infiltrated the servers of Internet companies including Google and Yahoo, said General Keith Alexander, the agency’s director. Trish Regan reports on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West (Source: Bloomberg)

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As we mentioned earlier, the "washington post has reported that the nsa has a -- has secretly broken its main communication link that connect yahoo!

And google data centers around the world.

The paper cited the documents leaked by former edward -- former nsa contractor edwards noted.

Nsa general keith alexander is refuting the allegations in an interview with bloomberg saying that it never happened that the nsa does not have access to companies' servers.

Our trish regan just spoke with general alexander at a bloomberg event and washington, d.c. she joins us with more.

Wyden and paddock denial from the general peer absolutely.

-- quite an impact denial from the general peer absolutely.

I asked him -- is this true or is it not what we're hearing the "washington post" report right now?

Hear what he had to say third wife i can tell you factually we do not have access to google servers, yahoo!

Servers, dot, dot, dot.

We go through a court order.

We issue that court order through the fbi.

It is not millions, it is thousands of those that have done, and it is almost all against terrorism and other things like that.

It's nothing to do with u.s. persons.

He is saying that these allegations that edward snowden is making saying that the nsa is secretly tapping into these databases to access information is flat out wrong, it is not true, and that the nsa needs a court order to do any of this.

And that these companies must comply with the those court orders.

It is a very important distention he is making, calling that report flat out wrong.

We have had a very interesting discussion.

We talked a lot about chancellor merkel and the allegations there that the u.s. has been either dropping -- has been eased dropping her via her cell phone.

I will be sharing all the information from interview with you at 3:00 p.m. eastern on "street smart." lots to report your all right, trish regan and washington, d.c., we are looking forward to that interview with the nsa's general keith

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