Aleph: Newly Launched VC Fund With $140 Million

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July 9 (Bloomberg) -- Aleph Founding Partner Michael Eisenberg discusses a new venture capital fund on Bloomberg Television's "Lunch Money." (Source: Bloomberg) -- -- elliot gotkine spoke with the cofounder.

The response is humbling, no other way to describe it.

We are grateful for the lps that we got into our new fund and putting the money to work, we think there are great opportunities here.

We did not have to spend that much time raising money.

Many might be wondering why you called this after the first letter of the hebrew alphabet.

In hebrew numerology , it is number one, which is what we are striving to be.

More interestingly for bloomberg viewers, the hebrew letter aleph is the precursor letter for the grief alpha, -- for the letter alpha.

We are trying to deliver a lot of alpha and you need aleph.

And doing investments in early-stage companies can we talk about this being the start of nation.

What is the big idea, the difference compared to benchmark capital?

What has happened in israel is that there has been a drainage out of the available capital.

A tennessee capital with micro vc -- a ton of c capital with the seat -- vc's. israeli entrepreneurs want to build a very large companies and they headquartered and i'm here.

Companies like conduit are headquartered here in israel.

Any the local support in series a and the silicon valley support in the future to do that.

There was an opening in the market for series a capital and we moved in to fill it.

In terms of what you are planning to do and what is going on in israel, did you get a sense that the israeli company sell out too quickly and don't sell out too quickly?

-- is really company sell out too quickly?

Wave is a company that did not sell out too early.

It is an icon for israeli entrepreneurs that strive to build bigger companies.

Not everyone did that.

Historically company sold for $300 million and those were the dominant icons.

We need copies with multibillion-dollar exits from israel and that is what is happening right now in this country.

That is what we want to do.

The $2 million to $5 million financing that is does billy needed for our two-putted -- that is a desperately needed for a was likely.

I think i saw a big data as one of your ideas could any particular areas you want to get into with this money?

Our intelligence units have data centers the size of google and facebook combined, and the world has caught up to israel's capability with the data.

But in general, israel is really good at disrupting old industries.

If you are looking at aleph, a company was selling research as it was decomposing and you can see other examples of this out of israel.

The israeli chutzpah flights in those environments.

What is next, another fund?

What is the big plan for the future?

A couple weeks of vacation to recover from the fundraising.

We are meeting with entrepreneurs looking forward to deploying capital.

"slowly, slowly" is a phrase in israel.

We're thinking about building companies out of aleph 1.

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