Alcatel-Lucent to Cut 14% of Worldwide Workforce

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Oct. 08 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s David Tweed reports on Alcatel -Lucent’s planned job cuts and the company’s goal to cut cost worldwide. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Strategy for the new ceo.


It was announced in july by michelle coombs.

He was going to make a major reorganization and refocus the company on areas where they see the growth.

Those areas are in high-speed and ultrafast internet.

And, networks.

This is why you're seeing them moving out of the legacy area.

These are the job cuts coming up.

He outlined that they were looking at around one billion euros.

There will be asset sales in the program and we should be hearing more about that.

The point is that these job cuts represent part of the workforce and they are all of the world.

2100 in the united states.

In europe in the middle east, 4100 jobs.

900 jobs going there.

Beefing up the innovation center in france.

The stock is trading over.

The stock came from a high level.

When you consider where they were after the merger, since that time, they have lost $10 billion and the stock reflects that.

If you look at where was one year ago, it's trading than less -- is trading at less than one euro.

That is one of the things it would be driving at.

The reorganization will work under the new ceo and will work under the worldwide economies to benefit the demands.

There is a bit of takeover speculation and people who are brief -- familiar with nokia.

They are making some sort of link up with opera tell lucent -- alcatel lucent.

But that didn't make sense because they have great contracts.

Thank you for that.

David tweed on the story.

So the biggest names in retail are gathering in paris for the retail congress.

Caroline died is joining us.

What are the themes being tackled?

The key themes are online, international expansion, and the deteriorating sentiment in the united states.

How is the government sentiment affecting things?

It has not been rosy in the eurozone as of late.

Retail sales in the month of august and september have had a lot of problems.

Buying winter coat in winter boots.

As you see, the room is buzzing

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