Mulally, Nadella the Frontrunners to Lead Microsoft

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Nov. 29 (Bloomberg) -- Microsoft's board is focusing on Ford CEO Alan Mulally and internal executive Satya Nadella as part of a group of more likely candidates to become the next CEO of the world’s biggest software company, according to people familiar with the matter. Jon Erlichman reports on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop. (Source: Bloomberg)

Parlor games.

What are you hearing?

This is such an important decision for microsoft.

It is one they would like to get wrapped up before the end of the year.

It is not an easy one.

What is interesting is on one hand you have heard about microsoft's interest in alan mulally.

If you're going to lead this company into the future, having an outsider, that is an appealing thing.

Maybe what is more interesting is their internal candidate is emerging as one of the top candidates because stephen elop is a public figure.

He gets mentioned quite a bit.

The dell -- nadella is important to the microsoft growth story.

This is a process that is still working its way out.

Some of the guidance that bloomberg news is getting on this story -- it is a decision they would like to make as soon as they can.

John, i am looking at the stock.

It is up 40% this year.

There's criticism around ballmer that he has not been an innovator.

If you look at a longer picture chart -- would he think about the distraction that this is for the company?

Are people telling you it is a problem?

This is a company that knows it is in a tough fight with people like apple and google.

One things investors like is when companies report that are than expected results.

You have to look at the reasons why the company is beating expectations.

In the case of last quarter, the office part of their business was helping offset the same story of we can mess -- we can mess -- weakness in demand.

They do not want to be in a position where they talk about less bad when they talk about software demand.

They continue to push xbox one and make the bigger push into cloud and enterprise.

That is one of the areas that satya nadella is focused right now.

Apple, google, position the company with those names, that is a big part of the story.

John, thank you so much.

When we come back, the battle

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