Airlines Wooing the Ultra-Wealthy With Butlers

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Aug. 27 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Shelby Holliday reports on extravagant perks offered by airlines for their premium cabin passengers. She speaks with Betty Liu on Bloomberg Television's “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Carriers are going above and beyond for luxury passengers.

Shelby holliday has been digging into the story.

How are the airlines catering to the ultra-rich?

It is especially on the long haul that carry flights from new york to tokyo or abu dhabi to london.

In order to attract the super wealthy passengers, airlines are rolling out features like we have never seen before to attract the paying customers.

For example, there are small little luxuries like leather desks and egyptian cotton seed on british airways.

We also see emirates test a bedroom concept, and then in december, the rollout of a three-bedroom suite with a living room, a bedroom, a shower, a outlet, a concierge, a personal chef -- these airlines are going to great lengths to attract the super familiar passengers.

-- premier passengers.

What is the strategy -- why they proliferating?

It is just it as the rest of us are in luggage class, first-class passengers are getting more space and luxury upfront.

There is a market for this luxury travel.

There are private jet.

The gulfstream g 650 has a three-year waiting list.

Passengers are willing to pay a lot for these luxury services.

These commercial airlines are doing a really good job of making first-class almost feel like a private jet experience.

You have a limousine, a concierge, your luggage goes right to the airplane -- you barely ever see, and in some cases you never see people flying coach.

The resistor energy behind capturing this wealthy market, airlines are also trying to -- there is a strategy behind capturing this wealthy market.

The rest of us.

We are slopping around like cargo in economy.

City in these tight, little seats.

Shelby holliday, thank you.

Staying with airlines -- take a look at this -- a mile high ghost town for malaysia airlines -- photos of abandoned waiting areas are emerging on social media.

It is not just the photos.

One bbc journalist tweeted i can confirm my mother arrived in kuala lumpur in one peas after flying malaysia airport -- airlines, but the plane was so empty she had three seats to herself.

The airline itself and from the downing of flight 317 and the disappearance of mh 70. they are offering incentives.

Coming up, china counting on a big surge of popularity for electric cars.

We will see if the demand is really there.

And, in china, alibaba with june earnings ahead of the september ipo.

We will bring you the new details.

Cory johnson beginning to the sec filing.

Stay "in the loop."

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