Airlines Turn to Twitter for Real-Time Travel Tips

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Nov. 27 (Bloomberg) -- Dan Greene, director of U.S. sales & operations at Twitter, talks with Emily Chang about how the airline industry is relying on Twitter to offer real-time assistance informing travelers of the latest information affecting their trip. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.”

And a lot of complaining, i am sure.

That is what you do on twitter when it comes to travel.

There is certainly a lot of that.

Companies are using twitter to communicate very effectively with users and there are many different level of that.

And airlines have been on twitter for quite a while and using twitter to give updates to their customers and also handle customer service.

Mostly because twitter is such a live, public conversational platform that things are happening in the now and they can communicate very quickly on twitter.

My question is, when a flight gets delayed, you see the people rushed to the flight counter and it takes a long time for everyone to get served.

Do the airlines have enough customer service representatives to help people who are complaining on twitter?

Many of them do.

Not all airlines are approaching this the same way.

Many are airlines are innovating with twitter customer service.

One has their customer way service posted on their what a page in the update that every five minutes.

American airlines, legacy carrier, they are very innovative on twitter.

I was en route from d.c. to dallas and onto san francisco, my flight to dallas was adverted for whether, and i tweeted -- weather, and i tweeted to american airlines and within three or four minutes, they had booked me on a follow-on flight and confirm that my connecting flight was delayed as well.

Did they know that you were the head of twitter's travel department?

Like they did not.

The question, though.

Can you get there faster if you use twitter then just waiting it out at the counter?

I think you can get you served faster.

I also think airlines and other brands can reach their consumers faster and more effectively.

The other thing that's interesting about twitter and customer service is it is a public platform.

Every conversation is public.

If you do customer service well, which you should be doing, those customer service interactions can become marketing moments for your brand.

That is powerful.

How much does traffic increase on twitter today?

Goes up quite a bit.

We see twitter peak in the summer months, and a peak around thanksgiving and around christmas.

Quite how much do they peak?

It actually doubles throughout the second half of the year -- about travel.

About travel.

Around things giving, it peaks on the day of thanks giving.

So it will actually peak tomorrow.

How much does it peak?

We actually -- the actual peak for thanksgiving and for christmas is the same as summer, and it is significant.

It is essentially twice the normal amount.

It may example of innovative things companies are doing today -- i know travelocity has an interesting campaign.

They do.

Travelocity has a turkey task force, #ttf2013. they are tweeting about airlines and flight delays, weather . other interesting fun things that are happening at those airports.

That is pretty innovative.

Are airlines particularly good or bad at responding to twitter?

Well, there are plenty of them that are good.

Jetblue is one of the first brands to come onto twitter back in may of 2007, and they do a great job, so does virgin america, sodas american airlines.

A lot of brand, not just airlines, but many brands have taken to twitter.

It is not just about complaining, there are ways to get deals, even book actual flight on twitter, right?


It is not just about customer service.

When brands are leveraging twitter, there are leveraging it to acquire new restaurants, inspire customers, retain customers.

A lot of great examples of that.

Can you guys beef up your stuff around the holidays?

Not specifically.

Behind the scenes, is there anything that you guys are doing through thanksgiving and through christmas when it comes to making sure that all traffic is handled?

Our folks are online all the time, so we are constantly helping our customers.

Our advertising partners deal with advertising on twitter and marketing on twitter.

Our folks are essentially online 24/seven.

Interesting stuff, dan greene , thank you so much for joining

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