Airlines Choose Texts Over Talk in Wi-Fi Offerings

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Nov. 13 (Bloomberg) -- In today’s “This Matters Now,” Howard Lindzon, CEO at StockTwits, talks with Tom Keene about wi-fi service on airlines and the success of Go-Go. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

Is this going to work?

Can we all have toys in the air?

Here is why i buy it.

I buy it because you have to soothe the savage beast and we are savage beasts in the air if we cannot get our peanuts or our water.

We have always known that we can turn these toys on.

For the business model, they can charge of seen amounts to get you on the air, like jetblue, who stuck directv on there, but an airplane for most people is in office and a chance to catch up.

The problem i have with it is that i do not buy stocks unless they have six or seven months of public trading.

We do not have that yet with go go and the profits are not there.

Stock twits have been all over the breakout.

When we go to london there is a lot more wi-fi there than in most u.s. cities.

Does the government need to step in and give us international airline wi-fi?

Where everyone gets it?

Why's that is the risk to owning a go go.

I do not like owning unprofitable companies where the catalyst could be taken away.

Owning great growth stocks means -- can there be money?

Everyone wants to enter that into the air, but what is the wildcard?

Verizon or someone else beating them to texting in the air or something else, that seems to be the latest surge in the stock.

This matters, you and i don't , twitter does, what is the next twitter?

It has to be snap chat.

It has to be uber.

I think that uber will be the next $40 billion to $50 billion ipo.

It combines allowing me to be a rock star -- holing my phone out of my pocket and saying, you know what?

I just landed here, 700 other

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