Airbus Wins JAL Order in Boeing Dominated Market

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Oct. 07 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s David Tweed reports on Airbus winning its first Japan Air order in a Japanese market historically dominated by Boeing. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse.” (Source: Bloomberg)

By rival boeing.

That is right because when you look at the three, a and na and boeing, neither them have ever bought airbus.

The two airlines are now looking at japan making in order for 31 planes.

It has taken options on another 21 planes.

That is going to give it a total of 56 planes that might move in there.

It's a 25 planes option, but it has got.

It is significant because boeing has been so dominant in the market, but the writing must've been on the wall, really, because that 787 dreamliner had all those years of delays on delivery, three years of delivery and then a na and japan airlines had problems with the battery on that aircraft which led to the global grounding.

Obviously, that was going to prove difficult for boeing and it looks as if airbus has been able to come in there and take advantage of those difficulties.

David, why have boeing had such a strong and long position in japan?

This goes all the way back to world war ii.

After world war ii there was the u.s. occupation of japan and during that.

Of rebuilding, japan industry called a lot of links with american business and in particular with boeing.

Boeing became the preferred supplier for these two dominant airlines.

Not only that, but some japanese companies also supplying boeing, for example the 787 dreamliner, 35% of the dreamliner is actually designed and constructed by japanese companies.

So obviously, for the pressure on companies like a na and japan airlines to buy their product from the united states, but now it looks as if that almost near monopoly is over and that is why this is such a significant order to cause live also understood that a na is looking at airbus planes and might in fact make in order from airbus nexon they put in an order.

All right, david.

Are europe editor david tweed.

Now, manus, over to you.

Air france's 80th birthday is today.

It is not exactly popping the champagne.

Ryan chilcote is back in london and he is on the story.

Ryan, this is another step in

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