Airbus 1H Sales Up 6%

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July 30 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Caroline Hyde reports earnings for French planemaker Airbus on Bloomberg Television’s “Countdown.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Interesting, coming from the company.

Airbus, the playmaker, but also helicopters, defense and space.

First-half sales up 16%. that is 27 billion euros.

Earnings -- earnings before interest and tax, up 10%, 1.8 billion euros.

They say the a320 neo, newly equipped a320 -- they said, we are on track for the fourth order.

The key concern with airbus, which has been very obvious in the past few days, has been the a380. no one wants to buy this plane.

They haven't had any new airline customer in two years.

They have to terminate an order for six a380's. the japanese airline says, it is the weaker yen.

This is taking a lot to persuade people to get this double-decker delivered earlier.

I want to deliver 30 for 2015. no one wants them quite as quickly.

They want to tailor them.

They want these to be the flagship planes.

They are enormous.

That takes some time.

It takes at least nine months to equip the cabin in that way.

It takes time to lure in the customers.

In their statement, it says, the first half of 2014 is about keeping our main development and serious programs on track and implementing our restructuring plans.

Improvement in revenue, profitability.

Gooda news on the 350 -- the good news on the a350. it is on track for the third quarter, which leads you to believe that it is on track to be delivered sometime this year.

High hope for that plane.

They're pursuing a disposal of that particular option, but overall, confirming targets.

Everyone is going to sigh a little bit of relief.

Under -- in under one hours

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