Next-Gen Satellites No Solution for Flight 370

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March 19 (Bloomberg) -- Megan Hughes updates on the latest news on missing flight MH370 and future tech advances for tracking planes. She speaks on Bloomberg Television's “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

We are talking about the nexgen system, so we are talking about north american plants in the united states.

It also would not have apply for some other reasons.

Let's talk about nexgen and what it does.

It is moving away from the traditional radar sweeping around to her traditional gps system.

They will make routes more efficient.

Potentially as many as three times as many more claims.

-- planes.

Here is the catch, still needs to ground stations to capture the signal.

They are all over the united states, even some on oil rigs in the gulf of mexico bit they do not have those out on the indian ocean.

In this case it would still be limited.

Ok, but what about future technology, megan, and plans to be able to see airplanes crossing the international waters?

Ok, so faa aside, betty, there are other air traffic controllers in canada, some european countries, that are moving towards a different system.

It is an entirely and-based system.

Hold the pole surveillance -- it is an entirely space-based system.

Pole-to-pole surveillance.

I could be a solution, -- that could be a solution, covering the global satellites.

And that system could pick out the precise location of the malaysian airline?

Sort that out for us.

It is contingent on that plane having the right transmitter onboard.

It is, incidentally, what the faa is requiring as well for this gps system.

If it had the transmitters, yes, the system -- i did speak to a ceo of a company that has the satellites that this company will be using -- he says yes.

When is all this going to happen, megan?

The system is supposed to be up and running in 2017. but in terms of faa and nexgen, the planes are supposed to have the transmitters on them by 2020. the entire system is supposed to be in place by 2025. but we are talking about a government agency, talking about a system, hugely expensive system, more than $40 billion that could still be subject to budget cuts, also to political problems.

-- all sorts of political problems.

Some people said it could take 10 more years and potentially be 2 two 3 times as much money.

That is something we will be keeping an ion.

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