Apple's Big New Hire: Is She a Luxury Play?

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Oct. 15 (Bloomberg) -- Sharif Sakr, senior European Editor at Engadget, discusses Angela Ahrendts move to join Apple as senior VP of retail and online sales and the challenge of bringing changes to Apple’s retail outlets. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse.”

Is changing the nature of its company.

In the new world apple finds itself in, we need personalities.

Jobs was a personality, he had charisma and stage presence.

I'm not saying that tim cook lacks all those, but i could certainly see angela up there on stage at an apple launch event bringing something that apple has possibly been lacking recently which is that charisma and that accessibility and the glamour.

There's also something, she has a specific job.

They had a discussion.

He wanted her in the title came afterwards.

This is overall created for her, but we have all been to the burberry shop and we all know what that looks like.

Alex has proved many times that she can turn things around and build a brand.

To do that in asia which is a huge thing for apple.

I guess one of the risks is that if this is just the -- if is more than just the title and she is giving ownership of the retail operation, special the physical operation, she may encounter some of the obstacles that john broward encountered last year.

He only lasted six months in the job.

Is not clear why he left, but there were rumblings at the time that he couldn't make changes easily on this almost call click phenomenon which is the apple store and the people who work in the stores who are a force and themselves.

That is something that angela -- back she brings chrism mass.

But it is almost as if he is creating a brains trust, we don't know what so much of this new technology is going to deliver, how is going to be used, how function and form are going to interact.

He's almost sort of creating a brains trust without it.


The job title is almost irrelevant.

How do we transition to the next phase?

How do you sell things like wearables e how do you sell things like color in technology.

I once wore a black smart watch but now i wear an orange one because it is more my color.

Is much bigger than just retail.

I would like if we could have the camera have a look at your watch.

This is a pebble watch.

Yes, this is the beginning of a smart watch can be.

Are all different colors to choose from.

It takes messages off your phone by bluetooth so you don't have to take your phone out of your pocket.

Double is going to take you to another place.

I'm sure apple is a year ahead.

It is in all other areas of technology.

We are pretty sure that this is what apple is working on.

Wright has sell listings in stores, it is artie been radical in the way it has laid out technology in their stores.

It has to be radical again if it comes to a whole new, much smaller type of technology.

Has apple become a little less in it innovative than it was in the past?

Everything has to be beautiful and perfect.

The kind of attention has been lacking from the business some would say.

Am i being too harsh on cook?

I have often been negative, but it is still fair to say that apple is at least one year ahead of the curve.

I did that was 64-bit.

No one else has 64-bit.

Was way ahead of any other attempts to do it.

It still proves that it can cut cleaning is -- it can cut cleanly through things that others are working to catch up with.

And taking a much more positive view on the company after the recent releases of the iphone 5 s and five c. she's going to hit the job in june or july of next year.

Would you give her to turn around or step up?

I hope she is not filling out a calm role as a ceo.

Apple is still working on china mobile, a carrier which has over 700 million subscribers in its network, all potential iphone customers, and sure store visitors.

I'm hoping that will he be a big part of her focus.

All right, thank you so much.

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