Aggressive Tech: Is Apple Getting Left Behind?

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Feb. 21 (Bloomberg) –- Boy Genius Report President & Editor-In-Chief Jonathan Geller and Bloomberg’s Jeffrey Hayzlett discuss Apple’s growth strategy and if the company has lost its competitive edge. They speak to Matt Miller and Julie Hyman on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Apple has purposely said we are being conservative.

We want to keep our money for things that are really significant.

That can be good or bad.

Time will tell.

I think they are playing up against rope a dope.

Collins wrote this book and he said the decline of company is the hubris of success.

Are we being stupid?

Stubborn or stupid?

Too smart for our own britches.

There are some smart people there.

Can they get an infusion of new people, get some new ideas, some ideas that might help them?

Or the will they keep to creating these great products and have seen super success?

Tim cook and needs to look for that, his legacy, as he start to look for the future.

Jonathan, what do you think here?

Do they need to go out and acquire the next big thing?

I think they are being aggressive.

I would be more concerned if i saw apple doing some of the tech deck that were just mentioned, if they were trying to buy companies to inflate their stock price just in the short term.

That would make me concerned.

Do they have their heads down and they are working on the best product of their life entering a multitude of new product categories.

I would give the benefit of the doubt for a little bit.

If they don't feel like they have to use it -- they built it up.

What do they have now, $138 billion?

You have to figure out what to do with your money before it grows into a pile that big.

Weidman talking about it for years.

-- we have been talking about it for years.

Don't they need to figure out how to use it?

They just did a share buyback.

They are proud of what they are doing and they feel comfortable and setting the floor of a stock price that is $500. if they thought they could go out and spend $40 billion dollars and buy a cable company or an isp, i don't think we are giving them enough credit or leeway.

I don't think they are not being aggressive enough.

They would not have done the buyback if carl icahn had not got involved.

Look who's coming after them.

Every one.

I was looking at some ads online.

Sam psalm is clearly punching at them with a sledgehammer talking about the difference between a five and a four inch screen -- samsung is clearly punching at them.

The members have wavered to some degree.

I just got the new mini here recently.

You ask questions but you still spend your money on them.

They are still a lot of people going to anything but apple.

They have to do anything but change the bits.

Apple is not a company that cares about volume.

Day cares about profit.

Apple and samsung have all the profit.

They have so much more because everyone else is losing money in this category.

They do not care about market or value share.

They care about profit and it's amazing how much people forget they have done.

They invented the ipod revolutionizing the music industry.

If you are only selling one and you make money, it does not help you.

Market share.

Market share will always win out in the long run and having more market share.

Look how long, quite frankly, microsoft has been able to survive and grow as a huge marketshare leader?

They need to look at gaining more market share.

Is a big difference between microsoft and apple.

They sell software.

I think they started out in software along before they began in hardware.

It's just been a long time.

The ipod is like 20 years old.

They have not really come out with any new product in years that i can think of.

I don't think three years ago when the ipod was introduced that anyone thought we would be typing on glass and replacing our pcs.

It easily -- it surprising how easily we forget not giving them the benefit of the doubt.

I'm pretty sure we will see some new categories, an updated tv.

We might even see a watch.

These are big categories.

I've never seen another company willing to cannibalize itself as much as they have.

How patient are people going to be?

There is a lack of patience being displayed here.

How long does apple have?

We been talking about apple tv for a while.

How long do they have to come up with this stuff?

The next six to 12 months are really important.

I would start getting concerned beyond that.

The last thing i will say though , with apple it's always about the negotiations.

With the tv, potentially as the cable operators.

That was something that steve jobs was really amazing at and that's potentially one of the difficulties they have now.

They don't have that amazing, convincing negotiator which was steve jobs was so incredible thatat.

Thank you to bloomberg

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