Agenda: Tablet Wars, Caterpillar 3Q Earnings

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Oct. 23 (Bloomberg) -- On today's "The Agenda," Sara Eisen, Scarlet Fu and Bloomberg Businessweek's Sam Grobart look at trending news stories on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance." (Source: Bloomberg)

Brought to market to new tablets of their own.

I am looking at this a little bit like thunder dome.

The nokia tablet was developed before microsoft initiated the purpose of the device.

They have the surface and nokia has the loop via tablet.

Seems unlikely that both will survive.

The question is, which one?

Nokia has a really good brand, particularly outside of the u.s. . are they willing to give that up?

How do you market to and nokia tablet?

They have an interesting position.

Think of them almost like ibm.

People think of them as a reliable solid brand.

Maybe not quite what they used to be, but capable of good things.

What is your perspective on what they should do?

More and more people are buying this as part of an ecosystem of devices.

It is an interesting challenge.

We asked everyone, what tablet would you purchase and why?

We want to share some of the answers.

Ipad air.

The large screen size and thin, lightweight package.

Do not forget the price type.

Hardware a side, windows 8.1 vastly superior.

Didn't get a lot of chatter?

Not a whole lot.

Microsoft product service, will me a products, as products are actually quite good i would say.

Generally well received.

They cannot write breakthrough.

They are actually going after the enterprise market.

They are offering a model that provides full support.

It is fully compliant with security and so forth but very expensive and heavy.

Does not have the same kind of ecosystem and support.

What is your advice to microsoft?

I think right now you had to stick with the power in clash -- cash flow.

What is interesting with apple yesterday announcing more innovation on the office suite for free, directly going to take on the relationship they have.

You have to stick with office and the enterprise buyer because you are not going to get the app economy to catch up.

The enterprise side of microsoft remains a very strong business.

Nothing wrong there.

The problem is the consumer side and getting app developers.

The windows mobile platform has famously last instagram.

They announced there will be a new version of that.

Le do you think steve ballmer is going about this the right way?

I think that is the only option he has right now.

You cannot turn your back on that an attempt to go back to a consumer play.

Moving onto my agenda item.

This is on caterpillar, which reported earnings.

The stock is down in the premarket.

Third quarter analysts missed estimates.

This makes the heavy earth moving equipment cut the 2014 forecast saying uncertainty could temper global economic growth in 2014 and does have a prediction of three percent gdp across the world.

This is why i love caterpillar earnings.

An economic indicator.

They came out with different forecast for the different regions.

Caterpillar has been hit hard by the slowdown in commodities and slowdown in china.

This is the real economy.

You like the big machines.

Heavy iron.

Lex on the other side -- on the other side did well.

Raise the profit forecast.

A couple of defense contractors have done well.

So this whole sequestration and the reduction in government spending will hit the defense contractors down the line.

So for not taking too big of a fight out of revenue.

They are making it up through commercial sales online.

The faith of kathleen sebelius is on my agenda this morning.

Shouldering most of the blame for the troubled rollout of president obama's health website.

Some are calling for her resignation.

We know she will have to testify.

What would be your advice?

Formerly in the presidential campaign for obama.

Such washington culture to blame it on one person.

It is part of it but it involves so many other departments.

The challenge is that 20 million lines of code is we're trying to cobble together a series of government systems to get people to qualify.

Two-putted on one person's shoulder, i am a fan of kathleen sebelius -- to put it on one person shoulder, i am a fan of kathleen's ability as i cannot really say.

There is no claims of incompetence.

When can you stop calling this a glitch?

A glitch is those who do not understand technology.

The scale of this is huge.

Pre-k's people would say that is the white house worst offense, two.

What is your feeling about companies brought in.

Cgi and others brought in to manage this.

I think there may even be too many of those involved.

A depressed timeline, not revealing the details of the plan because of the political realities and not leveraging the existing state market.

Some were involved in building california exchanges and different things that are working.

Now there are smaller footprints, but still the timing was as much the problem.

The white house is showing advertisements.

Take a look at the example.

I cannot wait for the health insurance marketplace to open.

I knew my husband and i would save money.

We have been spending a fortune on health care each month.

The website was very easy to use.

Is this effective?

This is one thing to have the customer service rep answering the phone, but it is a little -- coming up on is the white house being too much of a salesman?

I think the tone of that would strike me as cut before the drama.

They are now hiring thousands of phone operators to help people through the process.

This is slightly off tone.

Single-payer would have been a lot easier.

A very simple process.

Sam grobart, a pleasure to have you here, hipster glasses and all.

Thank you for joining us, chief strategy officer.

Garlic and i will be back with tom.

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