What the Lego Playbook Can Do for Whole Foods

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July 31 (Bloomberg) -- Adam Johnson previews Whole Foods Market's earnings on Bloomberg Television's "Lunch Money." (Source: Bloomberg)

Comcast, mastercard, hess all the estimates, and now we are waiting on whole foods, which has been profitable for the last eight quarters.

You can learn a lot about whole foods by looking at a toy company that we know and love.


The patents have expired, but they does continue to get margins and sales growth.

Lay goes -- 30% -- lay goes 30% margins, sales growth of 24% -- are you kidding me question what kind of these guys do that?

-- kidding me?

How do these guys do that?

They innovating everywhere else with cartoons.

What do plastic bricks have to do with organic vegetables and fine cheese?

Whole foods, groceries are a commodity, so they are trying to innovate everywhere else -- they do local forging, they have humane lobsters.

Queue management is a big one.

The queue management actually works.

They do not annoy us.

They are innovating everywhere else.

You might not find online and -- but light at whole foods, but anheuser-busch is scoring big, with the world's biggest brewer beating estimates.

Sales in brazil are bouncing back and higher price years are helping to boost profits.

Another egg name not the -- another big name not feeling the same love, the maker of smirnov -- smirnov vodka reporting soft spots.

The ceo spoke with us earlier this morning.

Over the last two years we've built a strong platform.

Today, it represents 42%, and i fully expected to to be more than half of the business in a few years.

The emerging markets are what they are -- choppy, they go up and down.

How does the world's largest distiller ride the emerging market wave?

Booz cruise, of course.

It is a 1920's boat with three main masts and a beautiful polished floor.

Downstairs, we have a whiskey tasting.

It is a combination of vintage and antique.

It is about staying vibrant, fresh and appealing to opinioned informers.

With the likes of things like "mad men" whiskey has come back into fashion again.

Sales are pretty global.

One of the strengths of the category is we have strong markets in asia, latin america, africa and eastern europe.

That is what we are pushing all the time, getting younger audiences to drink whiskey and johnnie walker.

Is that is not -- if that is not smooth enough, try the latest from kirin.

Frozen slushy beer.

I think i am sticking with water.

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