Aereo vs. Broadcasters: Do Either Have a Plan B?

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June 24 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Jon Erlichman reports on what happens on either side of the battle between Aereo and broadcast networks when the Supreme Court makes its ruling on Aereo’s business model. He speaks on “In The Loop.”

Happens if area actually loses their the company says, i have got no plan b. five at is true.

The ceo said that to us and what i find fascinating, it is not a surprise.

The upstart taking on these rate brought -- big broadcasters,, they have got nothing else.

What is interesting to me is that the broadcasters collectively -- not that they have not thought about the issue.

Because you have got so many the ayres collectively going after aereo, we forget we each have their own businesses and strategies.

If they were in a position to listen to a soup in court ruling and find out all of a sudden ariel is ok and can see with the business, which is a sickly on hold, that would in interesting scenario especially with consolidation and pay-tv players and better leverage with deals with broadcasters.

You hear they will perhaps transform into cable tv channels . they may launch their own streaming service.

This is the idea we have heard of.

They cannot do this overnight.

This would be a strategy change.

That is true.

They have much of ours they could play.

They can continue to battle this on the regulatory front, stay with the the follow the rules that other multichannel video distributors have to follow and acs.

They could fight this in congress and to your point, on the business that, they could say, if area will do this, cbs will not be broadcast anymore.

It will be a cable channel.

There is a clash says there will still be millions of evil watching through an old-fashioned antenna.

I think you are right, it does not change overnight.

The supreme court has been under pressure to come forward with something.

It is very cost bull -- possible for both sides, and in that case, maybe this core battle does continue.

After what we hear from the supreme court initially.

West not to mention, if anything comes up for aereo.

Jon erlichman is watching area for us.

Coming up, waiting to see what is next, we will get a big clue at the big developers conference that starts tomorrow.

Stay in the loop as we head toward the opening bell.


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