Aereo Is Clearly Legal: Scott Kurnit

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Nov. 12 (Bloomberg) -- Founder and CEO Scott Kurnit weighs in on the Aereo debate and calls it a disruptive technology. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Money Moves." (Source: Bloomberg)

Is crazy long.

He found new stuff.

I called your mom.

Clicks -- dario is too interesting.

-- aeroeo is so interesting.

It is widely legal but it is -- it is clearly legal.

Do you think time warner is going to buy them?

Flex they should like that it exists.

It gets everybody to run around and figure out how to deal with it.

Clicks as you pointed out, that is at least one of the places where you grew up in the you think there's any chance that any of these cable companies will ever consider letting go of those retransmission fees?

They don't want to pay it.

They will do anything they can to get rid of it.

They will replace retransfer use.

The money will still flow.

Not a surprise as far as the last takeaway goes.

I have a note here.

You just released an app in the itunes store.

What has that been like?

They are an amazing company.

They are very secretive about everything they do.

You try to find somebody there who will be your caretaker and maybe you can do business with.

You release it and put it into the store, they review it, and then it goes live and you do everything you can to try and find someone who will push it.

Fortunately we did.

We think we will get end up -- we will end up getting featured and the whole thing.

They asked for the extra artwork.

This is a company very much in control of its domain, much more than other companies.

There is a learning lesson there.

If you thought apple was low- key, they are not.

People who are driving the app store, as i do my best to find the people, i have some friends on linkedin.

We share.

We will try to do that.

It is the diehards that are running the app store.

It is such an awesome job.

For us, the app is great.

We think our website is.

It is responsible and it works on all devices.

It is performing at five times all actions.

The small screen we are all afraid of two or 34 years ago is clearly the future.

Because it is so easy to use some of the times a day, the activity on the app blows away the website.

What are the metrics you need to say it was work working -- it was worth working with apple if we get this?

Our app is actually now, even though it is a small portion of our total business, it is outperforming the website.

And it completely lows away the android environment, even though there are twice as many android environment -- and within the world.

Part of it is they control it.

If you make an android app you are going to do it across 50 different devices.

I have friends who have stopped their android activity.

We mean to do both.

They're both important.

Ios has been apple's heritage.

People love their macs and tolerate their windows environments.

Last question before we let you go, do you think tim cook has it in him to innovate?

I do not know.

I think the apple culture has it in them to innovate.

He was the manager alongside the brilliant innovator.

Does that management get to tap all of its?

I would bet yes because company cultures are the things that live on.

Long live the king.

Thank you very much.

Great to see you.

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