Aereo CEO: Supreme Court Decision Hurts Consumers

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June 25 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Cory Johnson reports on Aereo CEO, Chat Kanojia, comments on the Aereo ruling by the Supreme Court. He speaks with Stephanie Ruhle and Erik Schatzker on “Market Makers.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Battle is not over.

We take you to cory johnson in san francisco for more.

Chet saying the battle continues and they will continue to technologically innovate.

It is hard to imagine what this service will be if it is not what it tried to be, setting up individual antennas and picking up the on-air broadcasts and route those through the internet.

The court found it is a copyright infringement, focusing on the copyright law to broadcast over the airwaves.

An interesting decision in the court.

One of the most interesting things is just as scalia, he says, gets this right.

Quoting justice scalia as this being the shakiest of grounds.

He goes on to also talk about implications for cloud computing very much imperiled by this decision, even though the majority said it should not be.

The idea that you can mirror things and copy things and have things exist in the cloud could be challenged as a function of this decision.

That is perhaps the most important part of the ruling.

The median impact is on aereo and the broadcasters who took aereo all the way to the supreme court.

What scalia is saying is the sixth justices who ruled on aereo ruled at least in the broadcasters favor and tried to fire a sniper bullet and what they should have done is fire a cluster bomb in the internet.


But the implications here could be serious and this could be cited, in other cases, about copyright infringement, copying things, and imagine for example music files.

We have copies residing in multiple servers.

Someone can access it wherever they are traveling.

What does it mean for software and data copied over and over again and multiple services with redundancy?

Should users who work on the cloud have to pay for multiple copies?

Those are open questions.

They try to be surgical in their logic.

This could have broad implications.

Is this really san francisco versus l.a.? i do not know.

I have personally found the argument that the broadcasters were given their broadcast licenses have built businesses worth billions of dollars because of the exclusivity of those licenses, and the notion that they did not want to share those anymore, that they are now claiming copyright protection, is a challenging one.

The court did not seem to care about that whatsoever.

They focused on the implications of copyright law and what that meant for these decisions.

I do not know about northern california were southern california.

It is much more about the possibilities -- i do not think area's is this model is about possibilities, really.

I think it was really about a loophole, finding a loophole and trying to exploit a business around that.

Implications are greater.

The question now is, what is less -- left of that business model?

A statement, the work is not done and we will continue to fight for our consumers and create innovative technology that has a positive impact on our world.

You might say, what else could he say, but it leaves me wondering what he might be up to with arraignments of what aereo has technologically or something else.

When he says the work is not done, it is like when people say come i am not in it for the money.

It means his work is done and we are in it for the money.

I cannot possibly imagine the business is about exploiting a single loophole and technological challenge or solution to the loophole.

It was bordering on silly, creating paper antennas to pick up a signal and then put it online.

It was not solving a technological problem as much as finding a way around a rule and a law that is now being enforced to a higher level.

If there is nothing left for him to do, what else could he do among the power players in the tech scene on silicon valley?

Where can we see him?

A great question.

He is a super smart guy and really seems to understand how the businesses work and how media businesses worked there i would imagine, for example, today we expect google to announce a box or something of that sort.

We have heard for a long time apple is working.

A lot of innovation could happen around the way we receive television, the way the digital stuff is recorded, and manipulated, and so on.

A lot of room for manipulation.

Area wanted to apply -- if aereo wanted to apply their work, there is certain room -- there

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