Advice for Twitter as It Prepares to Go Public

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Sept. 13 (Bloomberg) -- Howard Lindzon, CEO at Stocktwits and John Rice, CEO of global growth & operations at GE, offer advice to Twitter on best practices as it heads toward an IPO. They speak on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance."


I know you are not on speaking terms with jeff, but what is your best practice for them?

So much money has been taken off the table.

These are different eras, just from 1999, so the best practices get the company the money it needs to do what he needs to do.

I think we have entered this era of massive paranoia.

You bet apple, disney, facebook, and so they are going to need offers full.

To protect this mode of attention.

Everybody is talking about it, but this is about how do we protect the attention that we have.

To be clear to us that are not sophisticated about this, these printable to not need the money.

Quite the principles -- the principles are billionaires.

John, multinational ge can talk to these executives, what would you say to mr.

Stone or mr.

Dorsey this morning?

And our company, we are always thinking about having the right people in the right places, having the right leadership team and processes to support what we want to do around the world.

Whether you are in social media or manufacturing or whatever you do, you have got to be thinking about that because as you get there, your processes can become more complicated, you don't end up with the right management team, and that is to be a focus for everyone.

The other stumble it facebook had was it had to confront the reality, the tectonic shift toward mobile.

It is over and done that, we have any stock recovered nicely.

What about twitter?

Twitter has been active on the mobile front because it is purchase a company, mopub, to branch into mobile advertising.

It is so successful at monetizing mobile, more than facebook.

Quite phlegmy does explain -- let me just ask plan what could meet.

It feeds into twitter.

We're looking at the start up with eight people, which twitter has 2000 people, we are looking at the world is a how do you monetize this stuff because we do not want to have 100, 200 people because we are not twitter.

With mopub , theoretically what you have a way for twitter to advertise internally its stock to us.

So we are for enemies -- frenemies now.

Question or electric has no enemies.

General electric, yeah, i like them.

Thank you to our staff, who

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