Advertisers Use Super Bowl as Campaign Spark: Wood

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Jan. 31 (Bloomberg) -- Sarah Wood, co-founder and chief operating officer at Unruly Media, examines how advertisers use the Super Bowl as part of their media strategy on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse.”

In europe.

With our feet.

It is a phenomenal amount of money.

The symbol is special in many ways.

There are not many events that bring you over 100 million people.

It is a highlight.

You get quality of attention.

Pilar not just watching your ads by accident.

People tune in to watch your ads.

Are they specifically tailored for this event?

There is some creativity that goes into an ad that plays a hundred thousand times is never going to be?

It is an opportunity to activate the audience that is mobile and social.

Consumers are not just watching tv.

They have all kinds of devices.

It is understood as a channel, it is about which network gets incremental reach.

You show up to movies on time just watch the ads.

The ads are becoming the content.

These were ads for ads.

People not be as excited about the game.

I guess that is the critical question.

Can you get better bang for your buck elsewhere?

It is worth it if you use it smartly.

You can use it to kickstart a campaign that goes on in 365 days a year.

People are answered what comes after.

That was pretty iconic.

It is the most shared super bowl at all time.

We were trying to figure out the world cup and prices.

It is shared by so much more of non-americans.

If you speak to the worldwide public, you get more money.

There are 2 billion connected people who watch.

It is just about the budget.

If you pay all the money in the world for huge celebrities or massive production budgets, that is our people share with their friends and family.

Brandt to create powerful emotional connections with the audience, if it makes them laugh or censure is down her spine, that is the brand will do well.

Scarlett johansson with soda stream, data that is a big part of this sequence as well, is spending money on david beckham worth it?

That is a question i never thought i would be asked.

He will help raise awareness.

What is clever about that campaign is how it uses social.

Everybody is talking about that.

You see brands moving away from a tv event and make it a channel event.

I think it is worth it.

If we were to spend, what is your strategy?

We want to make a big impact, what campaign would be best?

And can make people laugh or cry, but you have to choose.

You want to make the emotional connection and get your audience a reason to share it.

Maybe it will give them social currency.

Maybe it is an altruistic, new charity.

You not need a celebrity.

You have yourself.

You're off to a good start.

You need distribution online.

It will go viral.

If you're serious about creating an impression, upload your ad to youtube and hope people will share it.

You by specialist to put it online and have the right channels?

You have social media experts level tweeted out so you get traction?

How you avoid the prey?

You come to a company and by distribution to guarantee it will get watched.

You cannot buy -- guarantee the shares.

Sometimes through youtube or facebook, there are many video sharing platforms.

That is interesting.

I did not know that.

Thank you very much.

Is the first outdoor super bowl in a cold-weather city, new york.

It will be chilly over the weekend.

The weather forecast a started to warm up.

We will talk to our meteorologist, coming up next.


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