Advantages of Private Solar Panels

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Oct. 22 (Bloomberg) -- John Nordeman, President of Safari Energy, discusses owning solar panels to both cut energy costs and even generate revenue. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's “The Pulse.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Forward from here.

Making money from it turns out to be difficult, more than people thought it would be.

How are you doing that?

I think we're doing that in a couple different ways.

We at safari are focused exclusively on servicing the commercial part of the market.

Specifically dividing solar services to seven of the 10 leading public -- and the u.s.. we take a flexible approach towards how these customers of ours can develop projects.

Be it a structure where they own the systems directly to increase yields in their portfolios or where they just want to see expense savings through the solar energy itself or a lease income stream that they value highly, same way they do their income streams from normal tenants that populate their facilities.

You've only had to come exactly same buildings, one with solar panels and one with no solar panels.

Would be the difference in the yield that i could command?

In a typical real estate setting, you are in the range of six to 10% yield on your real estate portfolio.

With solar that could be doubled.

Well, doubled.

That is amazing.

Keep going.

It is significant.

I think what is driving that is you have got this great asset on the rooftop that is underutilized or completely unutilized and solar is a great complement to a rooftop, much the same way and hvac unit is.

That is the mindset we are seeing among building owners.

Their understanding the technology much better.

They are far more comfortable with the concept of having these panels up on the roof serving their energy needs.

Rather than through the traditional utility.

Crexendo comes to designing buildings, how many of the buildings have got solar integrated into the design from the get go and how many are simply just, i've got a big flat roof, let's fix some solar on it?

The typical buildings we are working with our retrofit situations, although it makes perfect sense for new construction as well.

Because the majority of the housing stock in the u.s. is existing, that is really the first and foremost target market for us is what jimmy dupre to improve the economics and improving -- at an existing facility.

That is really what owners are looking to do, particularly in today's world rather than do greenfield development of assets.

John, it hasn't been a pleasure to speak with you.

Those listening on bloomberg radio, bloomberg the first word is coming up next.

And edwards will be my cohost.

We do a quick preview of the jobs report.

That is going to be of course very much a feature of market activity later on today.

Hans nichols yesterday described this as a quirky number.

We will get more perspective on how quirky this number is going to be.

He felt the need to say it twice.

We will get is you and whether this is going to be a quirky number or more noble than the numbers it to come heard ok.

We will get hands backs back.

It is tech tuesday as well.


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