Advanced Micro Devices CTO on Next Big Tech Trends

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June 9 (Bloomberg) -- Mark Papermaster, Advanced Micro Devices chief technology officer, speaks with Bloomberg’s Cory Johnson on the future of big tech trends. (Source: Bloomberg)

Where we are going which is surrounded computing.

Quite we thinks around computing is a fundamental inflection point.

He thing about internet and aims.

All of these things are it.

It really goes beyond and.

It'll be smart devices.

Not just your computer the literally every device around you.

It is rd becoming that way.

I keep hearing from ge in everywhere.

People talk of the internet of things.

Ip sensors and windmills in your cars will send information out.

How is this different?

But it is about it being an immersive experience.

What does that mean?

We are treating these underneath.

They have to respond to this change.

It is how you deal with the world around you.

It'll be very different.

Where are we going to see this kind of thing?

How will we see it take ways?

It is the whole point of this.

It starts suddenly.

We have seen it already to gay.

We are starting to use google voice.

You're also going to realize that you're going to talk to a kiosk.

It is going to recognize your movement.

You're going to see it where there is going to be data as he go through the shopping mall tell you what you looking for as you go through.

In terms of getting into this, it is a different type of silicone that does the spirit in what ways are different?

If you think about this type of interactive environment, yet you have computing and digitization.

That is how we do it.

Typically there have been see to use for heavily lifting of computing.

The bigs chip inside the computer does most of the thing.

There is the rendering of 3-d. exactly.

We bring it together.

We bring it together incredibly efficiently.

I would think the chips to do a lot less computing.

They would need that massive combined power.

It would be a much more discrete thing.

That is what is exciting.

It will be different type of engines all around you.

It is more about sensors.

How do you use that information?

That is another thing.

It is one thing to gather information.

But to make a business case around it.

Get some information.

It has got to be useful.

There is all this useful information flying through the air in his ironman suit.

That is not 20 or 50 years away.

This is in the next 10 years.

We are doing this later in the conference.

We're going to have a drone war.

There are some drone operators that create a battle.

Is that the kind of think you are talking about?

There are gatherings.

It cannot just rely on the cloud.

The computing horsepower in the drone to be able to recognize all the images around it is actually quite intense.

You are here attending.

I wonder what kind of things you are listening for.

This is so far away from the use capability.

That is what i love about this conference.

We got to be ahead of the game.

This is the kind of activity three or four or five years from now.

This is information that we are on the right track.

I met a young company or there was an investor in this thing.

He introduced me to a company that we imagined your address book.

It puts in context.

You put this at the thing.

You may say what is the name of the tall guy i met at the next big thing conference.

It will pull up images of those people.

Is that the kind of thing where you think how do you adjust that?

That is the whole church area.

It is looking and millions of pieces of information and tying it together to your.

Example, it drives a whole different type of computing.

I do not know enough about design.

It seems to me any more powerful chip is always more complication, or transitions, more power.

It sounds like you are describing specific newspapers that have very different type of chip design.

We're trying to have a transformation.

It is tailor-made to be able to shift this act and the able to get that type of recognition and extremely low-power.

That is what enables these applications.

Thank you so much.

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