AdiMap CEO: Going to Disrupt and Change Marketplace

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Feb. 18 (Bloomberg) -- Iddo Drori, Founder and CEO of AdiMap, discusses the company’s ability to analyze data for online ads and why the technology is a disruptive force. He appears on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Had he make information public?

Each party sees only their own metrics.

With adimap, anyone sees everyone's metrics.

We have developed core capabilities.

We similarly -- simulate real users and generate real ad targeting.

We develop technology recognition and detection on any site.

We track the trackers and we measured and recognized technologies on any site.

We know and detect the ads, and recognizer attributes.

Everyone wants to know what their rivals are up to.

Are you going to be annoying some people and be a blessing for some others?

I think we're going to disrupt and change the marketplace.

We're going to the large and small marketeers on the same playing field.

It is meant for advertisers, publishers, analysts, buyers and sellers, and even decision-makers in the company.

Who were you competing with?

There are several advertising and business tools out there.

Several companies measure technologies on any side.

Others measure the general traffic and ranking.

Others show which ads are running on any site and where they are running.

It provides all of this data and information and provides the metrics which matter.

The ceo and founder of adimap , thank you for joining me this morning.

Thank you.

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