Adidas and Nike Battle for World Cup Dominance

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July 7 (Bloomberg) -- Zillow CEO Spencer Rascoff, AOL Brand Group CEO Susan Lyne, and Bloomberg’s Brendan Greeley examine Adidas and Nike’s battle for twitter and product dominance. They speak with Tom Keene and Adam Johnson on “Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)

You were down in brazil, and of course this is right out of your wheelhouse.

Who is winning this one, nike or adidas?

Adidas is winning it, and it is not how i predicted it.

It seemed like nike was so far ahead of adidas, particularly on social, taking the players they sponsored and capitalizing on creating these amazing videos with them.

I asked adidas what they were doing to keep up, and they said we have the world cup ball this year, and the world cup ball is tweeting.

I thought that is the worst idea i have ever heard.

I cannot believe you think you are going to compete with nike.

I am looking at the fastest growing profiles and soccer last month.

Number one, the name for the adidas world cup ball.

They have pulled it off.

It takes helicopter court -- helicopter tours of rio and talks of beach balls on beaches.

It has done really well.

Number two, joseph blatter, the boreas guy in brazil -- the boringest guy in brazil right now.

What have you learned in the last weeks?

About fifa?

One thing you learn is that there are still events that get millions and millions of people who sit down in front of a television all at the same time and watch.

Was a 21 million for the u.s. game?

Second-highest watch ever on espn.

Sounds like the final episode of "desperate housewives." or when they all said goodbye on "mash." i have been surprised -- there have been some great stories out of the world cup.

Costa rica managed to get to the quarterfinals.

Motto was the -- lotto was the italian company that sponsored them.

We had the completely predictable result.

Kris jenner when although did not even make it out of the first round, still growing -- cristiano when renaldo -- i think what is different is that you have got americans all over the country who are engaged in this in a different way.

Do you believe that?

I do.

I absolutely do.

I am looking at the numbers of people watching, but i am also looking at every place i walk into where there is a game going on, the television set is on and people are fixated on it.

It does not matter whether it is a private party or going into a restaurant or a bar grid there is a different level of engagement this time around.

I think that is great.

I agree.

I think it is finally happening for soccer in the u.s.. this is not the same america as in 1970 or 1980. over one quarter of all kids coming into the u.s. are being born of hispanic descent.

Immigration for south america and europe.

Soccer is coming.

Spencer rascoff, susan lyman with us as well.

A major earthquake in mexico, south of mexico city trade for those of you on bloomberg radio, way below the yucata n peninsula almost to guatemala, 7.1, the u.s. gs as well.

Tremors felt in mexico city many miles away.

Futures, negative three.

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