Addressing Concerns About Security in the Cloud

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Oct. 1 (Bloomberg) -- Vaultive CEO Elad Yoran discusses recent innovations in cloud data security with Deirdre Bolton on Bloomberg Television's "Money Moves." (Source: Bloomberg)

Operate, it should be invisible.

We don't have to train users how to implement security.

Type this code, type this other code.

That can only get us so far.

Your idea is that everything should be automated.

Your clients sign up and you take care of the rest.

We work with the i.t. organization and they have some work to do.

I think the individual employee should not know we are there.

To them we operate in the background.

Between this global firm, this law firm, this large banking franchise, just a list of some of your clients, what are they most worried about?

What are they telling you?

Today they are all thinking about cloud computers.

The flipside of checking cloud computing as they now have to put their data, their company's data into a third-party environment.

They were about losing control and ownership of that data.

What is this -- what is the next step for the industry?

We still have a long way to go.

We're just getting started.

I think we are going to see a tremendous growth in the industry over the number of years.

If and only if we can address these issues of ownership and control.

Ultimately the buck stops for its data and whether its compliance -- they have the responsibility to comply with the laws they may be subject to.

Credit card transactions, financial services, and so forth.

Responsibility for all those things cannot be assigned to the cloud provider.

Company has been in existence for five years.

What made you had the winning formula?

Four years is obviously a long time to spend.

It is a long time to spend in r&d. you want to make sure you can withstand scrutiny.

This is my fourth company.

We want to make sure we took the product to market that it would withstand the scrutiny, real strong technology, not marketing with nothing behind the market.

Do you see a change in the quality of talent that is available, the cliche used to be the people always migrated to the west coast and new york had different kinds of talent, more creative talent, do you see that changing now?

Is there more engineering talent?

I would love to see it continue to grow.

No doubt new york is becoming one of the leading hubs in technology, not just on the media side but on the development side.

I'm taking a step back.

20 -- 20 years of experience, what has surprised you didn't what has made even you stand up and take notice and say i know

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