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July 8 (Bloomberg) -- Former NTSB Vice Chairman Robert Francis comments on the investigation into the crash of Asiana Flight 214 in San Francisco. He speaks with Mark Crumpton on Bloomberg Television's "Bottom Line." (Source: Bloomberg)

I have flown into san francisco international, the approach over the bank looks daunting to the untrained eye.

The weather latest saturday was clear.

What should a pilot to be looking under those conditions?

He did not have to worry about visibility.

He can do a visual approach.

Not just rely on instruments.

Obviously, if you have a visual approach, you will be more precise.

The ntsb chairwoman said at impact the airspeed was 106 knots.

For that type of aircraft, the airspeed should've been 137. do you have any thoughts on why a pilot would do it less than operating procedures?

I do not have any idea because there was a check pilot there.

This pilot in the left seat of the captain only had 40 hours on the airplane.

He was in a sense being trained by the guy in the right seat who did not speak out.

That is not understandable at all.

It is puzzling.

Is that unusual in your career after having looked over some crash sites from other accidents in aviation history?

The only thing that comes to mind to my recollection that i can compare with as an accident i was involved with the later stages.

There was korean airline that did something comparable in terms of lack of professionalism in the cockpit and flying the airplane.

This was a major accident where a lot of people were killed.

And you know, these accidents and do not happen all the time.

I am not's merchant -- besm irching the korean country, you wonder about the training going on.

You mentioned the crash in guam.

The history for korean companies it did prompt the government to institute more safety measures in order is carriers to get into airplanes and the pilots were training.

It is something you expect to see right now as well?

I would inc.

They would -- think they would at least be looking at training and crew resource management.

You have to pilots up there.

They should both be looking at what is going on and monitoring the airspeed and the rate of dissent.

The guy on the right side more experience.

They should realize they were too low.

And much more quickly have decided to go around.

We have to take a commercial break.

I was wondering if i can as you to hold on.

With a couple more questions about the structural integrity of the aircraft and the safety measures.

I would not mind at all.

More with bob francis, former vice chairman of the ntsb.

Stay with us.

? welcome back.

More with robert francis.

Joining us on the phone talking about asiana flight 214. the structural integrity of the aircraft.

There were 307 people on board.

Most everybody survived.

How did the design of the aircraft help prevent more loss of life is to mark -- more loss of life?

There had been a high priority over the last 20-25 years not only the structural integrity of the aircraft itself , but particularly the interior.

Fabrics, nonflammable fabrics.

Seats that are well attached to the floor of the aircraft.

As the -- exit doors that are easy to identify and get out of.

Lots and lots of work has gone into this.

This is been by a lot of dedicated people.

This is a payoff.

This is where a guy accidents where a lot of people, out -- come out.

How to past tragedies help engineers build airplanes to building seats that can withstand the force of gravity?

They look at the accident and say this is how we have the seat and is more engineer sits down and ask what not to do to make us stronger?

The same thing will happen after this accident.

Ntsb people are going to go in and look at any weaknesses they can find in the aircraft and that will lead with a board comes out of the report, that will lead to people changing the regulations and requiring things that will help in terms of something that happened in this accident.

Robert francis, the former vice chairman of ntsb.

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