Ackman: Pharma Is Prime to Benefit Shareholders

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April 23 (Bloomberg) -- Bill Ackman, CEO at Pershing Square Capital and Michael Pearson, Chairman/CEO at Valeant Pharmaceuticals, discuss the value of the Valeant and Allergan deal to shareholders on Bloomberg Television’s “Market Makers.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Is really happening.

The deals are very interesting, but what is happening is the entire pharmaceutical, -- industry is changing.

There is a dynamic happening.

There is a lot of costs in these industries.

One of the few industries not enforced to operate with the same kind of economic industries.

Mike and his team had been a driving force leading the charge and making this a more shareholder oriented industry and making it more profitable.

One of the problems is the gross margins are so high and we have a business that makes so many margins that we do not focus on a researcher.

It is a very high business, but they operate as if they are a low margin company.

Qwest what about the criticism that you do not necessarily have organic growth?

You fire salespeople and then two years down the road, what happens to those?

Do you just need to churn out another acquisition?

Our critics say that.

We do spend money on r&d. we are watching 19 new products in the u.s. this year.

Since we have a different model, we do not invest in early-stage high-risk r&d. we invest in low risk r&d. late stage.

We do r&d. our sales forces, we have more sales reps spend most companies out there.

In poland, we have 400 sales reps and thousands in places like russia.

We invest heavily in sales reps.

We do not invest in people sitting in offices.

People sitting offices, you need your finance or itt team.

Qwest it is a beautiful case.

When you look at this, do you say, we will do this today and a special purpose vehicle, the first one, i will do this 10 more times in 10 different industries?

It is really a beautiful case.

I would say we do not want to partner with everyone.

We want people -- we want to partner with people in industries we like.

This is about establishing a position ultimately in the company.

That is not just for us before other shareholders.

We can facilitate transactions.

If we can get this done for the company and working with the company to get this done, i think this is a great thing.

Qwest our blackstone fat and happy and you put it to them right now that everyone said, why doesn't everyone operate like you?

Class we are just focused on this transaction as bill said.

It is is you shall you.

What is nice is our shareholders, they're going to put a stake in the upside.

They will own half of this company.

They not only get cash, so we are focused on this transaction and i cannot speak to other companies.

Qwest when you say health care presented this unique opportunity because it had not been disrupted in such a fashion

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