Ackman: I'll Expose Herbalife for Enron-Like Fraud

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July 21 (Bloomberg) -- Herbalife shares fell the most in three months after Pershing Square Capital founder and CEO Bill Ackman vowed to show Enron-like fraud at the seller of supplements and weight-loss shakes. Mr. Ackman spoke on “Bottom Line." (Source: Bloomberg)

Why did it take so long to get to this point, bill?

X the reason why is the best frauds are really good.

The only clue i will give you is, and ron, remember, had a fake tourer.

They actually set up workstations and had people looking there that look like they were trading.

Do remember that never that is my biggest clue for tomorrow.

There were so many herbalife distributors who were victims, but is there a way for this company to go around that, if you go in the fine print?

Distributorship might not be grading bush, who might not have a great education, and herbalife may be able to say, you did not read the fine print, sorry.

No, i will answer the question in the first few minutes of the presentation tomorrow.

Bill, can i just touch on the point you made a second ago before stephanie's question?

The idea that enron as a fake trading room is a preview of what you will show us tomorrow, is that to say that there is something about what the public sees, what the herbalife construed -- mr.

Ritter's, what the ultimate -- the old herbalife distributors that is completely different than what we perceive it to be?


All right, clearly it is

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