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Jan. 10 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Peter Cook reports on why Accenture is taking control over from CGI Group. He speaks to Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Many problems with the website, but it is getting better.

Why change now?

Wakes the administrate -- the administration is still not happy with the way things are happening with the website or with the rollout october 1. this is a company that is a subsidiary of canada's biggest technology firm.

It won the contract in 20 11 to be the main contractor for, the front door, if you will.

They had limited experience on federal ip projects in the past and nothing as large as

The contract is up in february.

Not a total surprise this is happening.

The governor -- the government has turned the job over.

They are not happy with how things played out with cgi.

Another company was brought in to manage the website as they try to fix things and that is where they stand right now.

Why accenture?

Accenture is another competitor of cgi that does not have a lot of federal ip experience, particularly in health care, but it does have asked areas with the biggest -- it does have experience with the biggest state exchanges, including covered california.

Cover california has done well and has high enrollment.

They have turned to accenture to try to duplicate that at the federal level.

There are questions about the transition.

This is going to go from one competitor to another.

We have seen the problems so far with the website.

Accenture says there will be a smooth transition and consumers will not feel the change.

How do you think this will play out on capitol hill?

I think the controversy will continue and we will hear from executives at cgi in front of several panels to answer questions about what happened.

The controversy is going to remain even if they are switching contractors, but you can be sure that accenture executives at some point will face their own questions on capitol hill at well -- as well.

Where is the president on this?

We have not heard directly from the president or the administration on this change, but the president is still busy trying to sell the health care law.

He is having lunch with five -- you see pictures.

He went to a local restaurant to meet with five young people who are helping to enroll other young americans.

That is a critical part of this effort.

There is a big push to get more young americans to sign up.

The economics of this breaks down to the young invincible signing up.

Peter cook, our chief washington correspondent, thank

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