Abe's Market Goes All-Natural

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March 26 (Bloomberg) -- Richard Demb, co-founder of Abe's Market, discusses the natural food industry and how the company competes with Whole Foods. He speaks with Carol Massar on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

Thank you.

You guys sell a variety of products.

Americans care about what they are consuming.

But they are putting on their body.

We put the best products in one place.

They are owned by companies that are small or midsize.

They're looking for a smart distribution process.

We give them a place to do it.

Consumers can communicate directly.

You are not the only ones doing it.

You have big names.

You have whole foods who is out there how do you keep up and stay competitive?

Whole foods is not online.

Not yet.

They have been slow to move online.

We have friends at fresh direct doing a great job.

Those are regional.

We can find the best products in the united states and ship them into-three days.

We have a team looking at every product and making sure it is the best.

We project a lot of products.

We are tasting, trying everything.

What makes a good batch?

There is natural, which doesn't have a lot of regulations on it.

We have to have -- we have had to be very clear.

We are transparent about what our criteria are.

Every product gets checked for ingredients.

If they don't meet our criteria, we can't offer it to our consumers.

How are you doing financially?


A timothy n.l. around dedicated to the growth -- a $10 million round dedicated to growth.

Do you worry about amazon?

We think about amazon all the time.

I look at them as a big-box concept.

A good utility play.

Not a brand i want to hug.

It is a brand you would partner with?

I'm not sure.

You have eggs market.

You are helping emerging brands get bigger.

We meet brands when they are trending.

We see how they are selling.

What consumers are buying.

We see a consumer when they walk into the site versus when they check out.

We understand what they are looking for.

We understand the brands that are answering customer pains.

When a we invest in them and help them grow.

Use all of our brack rounds -- use our backgrounds.

Help them reach the next level.

To get equity in the company.

But you help them on different levels.


We are investing $100,000 per company to get to the next level.

They are growing.

A been around for a year or two.

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