AbbVie Seen Raising Shire Offer Fifth Time

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July 9 (Bloomberg) -- AbbVie wants a new legal home with a lower tax rate. To make the move, the drugmaker may have to raise its offer for Shire Plc yet again. Bloomberg’s Matt Campbell reports on “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Abbvie, will they get this deal done?

The m&a keeps on coming.

This is offer number four.

Will they need to go to five?

The mood music seems to be pretty positive, so it seems like they are getting toward a point where shire may come to the table.

I have not yet and we do not know where this will end.

There are about two weeks to the deadline and we will see what happens.

Attack -- tax savings -- a much would they save and tax savings?

The actual tax savings are ready small because abbvie, like a lot of u.s. companies that not anything like the headline rate of 35% in the u.s. are -- u.s. the advantages are megan hughes cash in a way -- the advantages are they could use cash in a way that would not be domiciled.

Future earnings would not have to be repatriated as well.

There are tax advantages but they are not overwhelming.

This is a deal that has a lot of strategic and industrial logic.

Tell us what this all means for the mergers and that positions front overall, which we have seen quite a bit of lately.

's are coming fast.

-- things are coming fast.

Gridlock in washington is helping these deals because texan version is only possible until congress put a stop to them, and as we just heard from the congressman, it is hard to get a deal on anything in

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