A Transition Period for Ryanair: Strickland

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May 19 (Bloomberg) -- John Strickland, Director at JLS Consulting, discusses new strategies announced by Ryanair and outlook for the airline industry in Europe. He speaks with Manus Cranny on Bloomberg Television’s “On The Move.” (Source: Bloomberg)

S? and they guided the market.

I am interest to see it will rise again.

Personally, i do not taking this news at the main thing to focus on or moving to major airports.

Just how to emulate.

Very different.

They will and make customer service changes which they can do with very little cost.

Major airports where we have seen the cost of rising.

At lots of that's more about strategic battles with other airlines.

-- a lot of that is more about strategic balance with other a-line.

-- with other airlines.

[indiscernible] they want to take of the best.

They have fallen behind.

They can widen their markets.

People can say i hate ryanair and will never fly with them.

Taking people from people like ieg.

The point in case, so long local carrier which is a family, standalone airline which is ryanair.

Take it seriously.

They have moved into brussels a few months ago and wrong.

-- and rome.

They are fighting the battle.

Into the same airports without the same cost reductions.

Is legacy airlines coming ba ck?

Or is0 making -- or is ryanair making too big and assumption?

If they make sure of, none of which is treated as serious threats to buy ryanair.

They have acknowledged is a well-managed airline and is it low cost that delivers profits and of the same right.

From ieg's point of view, they do not want to interfere and suffocate.

Talk about ryanair more specifically.

In terms of a marketing?


Its takes time to change the perception of an airline or a prophet.

-- profit.

O'leary is one of the sharpest ceos around.

He promised to deliver change.

That is right.

He takes a backseat and the public communication on the consumer side of the business.

And allocate seats now and plays and easy to use a website.

The cfo was here earlier asset scheduling and frequency, or are those messages?

It is interesting to watch.

Easyjet has been good from capturing passengers from traditional airlines with higher frequency.

Ryanair may be secondary and is not able to do that.

Just a big deal.

They built of high-frequency to secondary airports.

Or other airports of that type.

They ramp up frequency and combined low-fare and easy to use website and they will get more business customers.

They may not give a corporatewide business customers, but small businesses.

They can buy into more of the share.

We look at legacy carriers.

Light era tally a -- like air italia s they fail.

Should easyjet to be worried?

I am sure she is keeping a close eye like of a boat to do.

John strickland.

We will leave it there.

Coming up, as good as it gets.


One last time.

Or is it one last time?

Whew have all of the det -- we will have all of the details nex t. ?

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