How to Make a Tesla: A View From the Factory Floor

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Aug. 7 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Businessweek's Ashlee Vance tours Tesla's factory floor. (Source: Bloomberg)

Initially, tesla had a hard time making more than 400 cars per week, now is more than 500 and you can think some pretty cool robots.

Our business week writer, ashley, got an exclusive.

We are here at the tesla factory getting a tour.

Here we are in silicon valley.

I remember the early days, it was quieter.

It was busy then, but this is a huge difference.

How big is this factory?

5.5 million.

You do not use everything in this volume.

You the stay here for the entire week.

In the past that had these huge cars.

The price is higher here.

We are convinced that integrating these manufacturing processes here saves money across the u.s. and the entire world.

Is this the present?

Do we get a car at the end of the tour?

This is the site of the car in the air?


It is surreal.

These guys will never tire.

People like used to factories and?

It is pretty cool.

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