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Nov. 12 (Bloomberg) -- Google Glass developer Det Ansinn discusses Google Glass exploring music features with Jon Erlichman on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)


You do need these $85 earbuds.

Is it worth it?

It will actually way from the bone conduction audio.

You can side loaded today.

It is fascinating to be able to say a song and have it play in your head.

We want to give people an idea of what that is like.

We are going to play a glass video.

It does take time to load.

So if you're listening to us on radio, bear with us for a second.

Here is the demo video you did for us today.

All right.

You chose "panama" by van halen, i would prefer a shot of you rocking out.

But what was the experience, it took five or 10 seconds?

Just a few seconds.

I was walking down the street.

I said listen to whatever play list you like and it will play it for you.

A lot of people obviously think about what each new feature will mean.

Nothing case of a company like google, some look at something like musical access, maybe wonder if it is slow to gain traction and whether this is a way to help that.

What would you say to that?

I think a feature like this bolsters the ecosystem.

This is something that makes all access tremendous.

A couple of versions ago, google added a feature to search for music.

If you are listening to music in a club or in a bar, you can actually have glass tell you what music is playing.

Then had why hear the music?

How can i purchase the music?

With all access, you can do that.

It is interesting to see how glass, fits into google's other properties.

With this sneak peek, we are saying that it very much fits into their music played.

What does it mean for other players in providing music services?

Pandora, spotify, apple has been talking about their success of the itunes radio service.

All of a sudden we are talking about wearable devices and music tied to those.

Does that change the story a little bit?

I think it opens up the opportunity.

The hysteria headphones that were announced for glass -- the stereo headphones that were announced for glass turned it into an audio type experience.

If you look at people how people spend hundreds of dollars on the beats headphones and similar brands, that kind of market is an area of interest to google.

If you look at the entry price to glass, you can have something that is your layer and your high fidelity audio is a neat opportunity for them and pushes another use of glass.

Any idea when google glass is going to be available to everybody?

The average consumer?

Something special happened today.

Google has opened up the website.

You can get on the waiting list.

It is no longer some random weight.

You can get on a first-come, first-served list.

You can go to the website today and put her name and to get a pair.

There you go.

A little bit of inside.

Always appreciate it, det ansinn .

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