A Sharing Economy Is Deflationary: Rice

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Dec. 30 (Bloomberg) –- Tangent Capital Partners’ Bob Rice and Gust Marketing Director Justin Stanwix discuss sharing economy growth and its influence on the economy with Deirdre Bolton on Bloomberg Television’s “Money Moves.” (Source: Bloomberg)

I do not want to put together my ikea furniture, i do not have time to do this aaron, i just get on and basically hire somebody to do these chores that i do not want to do.

It shows how a role -- how are whole country is changing.

The good side of task rabbit is that somebody once -- who wants to make some money, they can do it without having a lot of problems.

Bigger companies are hiring less personnel.

That is the good side of task rabbit, it is a great thing, but it does really illustrate how you -- how the economy is segregating into skilled jobs and non-skilled jobs in a scary way.

Justin, how do you see a that?

It is carter met his air b&b, hotels.com, the callista getting pretty long -- the list is getting pretty long.

If you look in the perspective of large corporation, it is easy to take bob's view.

Things like airbnb, putting your car on get around, it is all into discretionary spending, it is much easier to do airbnb.

It allows people to enrich their lives a little more.

I think all of that is true.

I think what is interesting is that as a signaling in some respects the slow lowering of this expected standard of living for an awful lot of people.

College kids are graduating without lot of that green jobs with lots of debt, and they're trying to find good ways to cope.

You can share cars, you can share snowblowers, you do not have to buy them.

It is fantastic for the government is not great for the overall economy.

It is pretty strongly deflationary because you are really seeing the need to acquire consumer goods fall.

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