Will Geiger's Return as CEO Save Aéropostale?

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Aug. 19 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Olivia Sterns reports on Aéropostale bringing back CEO Julian Geiger. She speaks on “In The Loop”. (Source: Bloomberg)

Racks, julian geiger is returning to the company that helped -- returning to a clothing company that helps struggling teen retailer.

He was the top exec at a company that shut its doors last month and is back at the helm of his previous employer.

Olivia sterns joins us on the management changes and whether it could lead to a pickup in sales.

Crumbs was the cockpit ac -- was the cupcake maker.

Geiger resigned but previously he ran area postell for more than a decade.

Through the period when you and your brothers were actually shopping there and it was doing well.

When he left in 2010 that is when the stock peaked.

The stock fell 80% under thomas johnson, who replaced him, so johnson has agreed to step down and a privileged some of their results and they are not very good.

They will lose about $37 million this quarter.

Margins are just terrible under johnson.

As one retail analyst tweeted out, he went from 16% to -8%, "possibly the worst tenure in apparel retail history comes to an end." it seems to be a trend, bringing back the old ceo's. is being turned around it from a very low base.

What are his plans for turning around aeropostale?

I have spent time in malls recently and i know that other stores are much cooler than aeropostale.

Because you are an accurate barometer for teen fashion.

Wells fargo are not too bullish on his prospects for turning it around.

Funny look at the combined market share of abercrombie & fitch, aeropostale, they have all lost market share.

Teenagers are spending less money on clothes and that malls and they have apps and are not spending it on clothing the way they used to be.

Aeropostale is doing worse than the competition.

I will check out their gear in a few months.

Not exactly a skate shop.

I prefer skate shops.

Thank you very much, olivia sterns.

I was pausing for the moving and shaking intro there.

Former microsoft ceo steve ballmer is our mover and shaker.

He made his public debut yesterday, paying $2 billion for.the low scentless clippers he talked about basketball -- for the los angeles clippers.

He talked about oscar ball with trish regan but was also asked about microsoft's future.

There are things that the

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