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Aug. 29 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Manus Cranny explains all you need to know about Vodafone as it prepares to sell its 45 percent stake in Verizon and where the company may look to expand next. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance."

Let me get your attention.

Vodafone in the last 10 years has outperformed verizon.

They have 91,000 employees.

Verizon has double that.

What do i need to know about vodafone?

It is a gigantic mobile phone company in europe.

They have a new ceo since 2007, which they needed.

This company was put together in 2000. the size of the merger was 150 billion euros.

It was a huge deal in 2000. the ceo came in in 2007. he has been selling out -- off joint-venture is.

This is about control and trust.

That is what they say about the ceo.

He is walking away from the verizon.

He may end up with cash.

He is going been in africa.

This is london talk from managing director.

He is not a doctor.

The point of it is that he has not trust.

One of the biggest names in nfl football is drrew -- drew brees.

You sell him and you get a bunch of money.

Are you going to buy five other things equal in value or more valuable?

Welcome back to "bloomberg surveillance." -- what is the country he would look at?

He is doing -- going bake in africa.

-- big in africa.

What was the sports i used to watch on the wide world of sports with a stick?

Coming up, america's surprising return as an energy superpower.

It is threatening russia's the timing.

It is this week's bloomberg business week cover story just out.

Vladimir putin and the energy dynamic changing.

We will discuss it with richard falkenrath coming up on "bloomberg surveillance." ? this is "bloomberg surveillance." i am sara eisen here as always with tom keene and alix steel in for scarlet fu.

The united states is ready to lead a military strike against syria without united nations approval.

President obama said no decision had been made about what course of action to take.

Unemployment in terming -- in germany increased by 7000. economists forecast the number to fall by 5000. a dispute over offshore tax evasion.

An agreement calls for swiss banks to be categorized by how they are complying with u.s. tax evasion laws.

Those are your top news headlines.

Now it is time for the morning must-read.

Bloomberg business week just out.

A story on vladimir putin, the man of the moment.

They can block any security council action.

Brian, the challenge for putin is to punish russia on a track to break free of its hydrocarbon dependency.

Russia needs a 12 step program for its energy addiction.

Richard falkenrath with us with a lot of perspective on this.

This is not the russia of five years ago.

The oil price is down to $84 a barrel.

According to the article, 17% of gdp depends on petroleum.

Are they a third-world country?

Third world is a term that does not make sense for them.

The global energy market is shifting because of the ability to tap into unconventional petroleum deposits.

We are on a path to energy independence.

If you are the number one exporter of energy to russia, this is big news.

They have a seat on the security council, which gives them political power.

They have energy, which makes them not a total basket case economically.

It is a wasteful energy sector like mexico.

I love the body language when mr.

Clinton gets together with mr.


Putin its together with -- mr.

Putin its together with mr.


Coming up, jp morgan's practices in china in question.

? . this is "bloomberg surveillance." i am looking at the markets.

We have a few key economic reports out, initial jobless

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