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Feb. 10 (Bloomberg) –- In today’s “The Roundup,” Bloomberg’s Trish Regan, Alix Steel, Julie Hyman, Cristina Alesci and Jon Erlichman wrap up the day’s top market stories on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

We have been talking so much about security.

On the one hand, barclays came out with missed estimates.

A very interesting story came out on the mail on sunday.

A whistleblower told the paper that there was a penitential week of client information.

It is old data.

2008 or earlier.

It came to the whistleblower's attention because a brokerage try to sell the foul's. -- the finals -- the files.

We are talking about insurance information.

We are talking about a personal portfolio information.

It is only 27,000. it is not that much in terms of the number.

It sounds like the breadth of information and the fact it has been out there for so long -- it happily target as well.

It sounds like the paper reported it and that is how are please found out about it.

Your financial life exists somewhere on the internet?

It is absolutely terrifying that year -- you worth is what a particular website, you log in and that is it.

If someone were to hack into that, that could obviously threaten it.

It is way more than that.

The hits keep coming for barclays.

They have been hit with possible investigations with sovereign wealth funds.

It seems like the european banks are actually a couple of years behind in terms of taking regulatory hits.

How we saw in 2008. we saw our crisis and then they went through their whole crisis.

They have the regulatory overhang.

Here is the drama.

He was telling employees he was reversing the 401(k) policy and apologize for his controversial statement last week.

Because of health care costs we are going to change how we give you 401(k) money.

We're going to match you at the end of the year so if you quit in the middle of the year you will not get that money.

He blamed two distressed babies that cost the company $1 million each.

One of the mothers was just livid.

They both posted that distressed baby was mine.

A squid gave a very gruesome detailed account of what it is like to have a premature birth.

Being blamed, your child being blamed was the real issue.

Taking a look at the overall company.

Net income of 1% last quarter.

Recorder down 90%. the best quarter the aol has seen in quite some time.

It is right before you cannot made this announcement.

Insert getting better.

There are other problems like health care and the 401(k) problem.

It is unbelievable.

Baby should be off-limits.

Don't be dumb.

Another company that is having some difficulty, yahoo!

Is struggling after turnaround efforts.

It is going to partner with yelp.

I really use the reviews.

I do not trust customer reviews.


Is trying to catch up with google to microsoft.

They have an 11% market share when it comes to search.

Google has 67%. whenever you going to try and get it up?

I am always amazed it is only 67%. the google shares are not even higher.

What is amazing to me is are you going to go in search on yahoo!

Because you're getting yelp results?

The other question is, will google basically say we are not going to work with yelp anymore because you can get it on yahoo!? maybe they say we are less inclined to use your services at this point.

How about this for a tight end?

We wonder if yelp reviews this new starbucks, the dumb starbucks, a parody store.

It is called "dumb starbucks." there are lines of people looking to grab a free cup of coffee or a selfie.

Starbucks is looking into the company.

We have someone else looking into the company.

Jon erlichman is outside some starbucks right now.

How is the coffee?

I've never felt dumber in my life.

I do not know.

This is incredible.

Trisha is absolutely right.

People are lining up for well over an hour to get a free cup of coffee.

I know that excites people.

People like free.

This is really more about the curiosity of a company or a copy shop that can put out a sign that says dumb starbucks and say we are open for business.

People are curious about it.

They are lining up on saturday and sunday.

It is just amazing.

I wondering what they're getting out of it?

They're giving away the copy for free.

I am sure star but can use this as an opportunity.

-- starbucks can use it as an opportunity.

They can embrace it.

What is it like inside?

Does it look like a starbucks?

It looks like a starbucks.

Is a cheaper?

It is free.

Will it be free tomorrow?

Any word as to who is behind this?

Has any percolation come out?

Lots of speculation for sure.

Whether it is a tv show, whether this is an art installation, whether this has a bank see feel to it, we're still figuring that out.

-- banksy feel to it, we are still figuring that out.

Maybe starbucks is in on it.

We do not know.

This is some pretty good guerrilla marketing.

If there is a bigger business behind this, it is a lead start.

Starbucks could totally take advantage of this.

The lawyers get involved.

It always gets so messy and all of that.

Basically free promotion.

People are lining up and there is a starbucks sign.

How can you possibly go wrong?

The question is how they make this dumb copy.

They are protecting their trade secrets.

It is just coffee.

Taste more like gas -- and -- -- -- gas station coffee to me.

Coming up, following the taper time rain -- timeline.

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