A New Look for Your iPhone: Curved Screens

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Nov. 11 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Tim Culpan reports on the features of 2 new iPhone models which will be unveiled sometime late next year. He speaks to Rishaad Salamat on Bloomberg Television’s “On The Move Asia.” (Source: Bloomberg)

What do expect from the iphone 6? i believe it will be next year at some stage.


We know there will be an iphone pretty much every year.

We are looking at about the second half and third quarter.

What they are working on right now is curved glass.

We already know that samsung has already reached -- has party release date curb -- has already released a curved glass found.

It would be flat on top and curved at the edges.

And it may be more of a cosmetic thing so that would be one of the differences with samsung.

This is not yet ready.

They are still working on it.

It may be a later release on that.

The next one is the iphone 6 on index and might be called the iphone 6 as.

-- iphone 6s. with pressure sensitivity, you touch it lighter hard and has different option nowadays.

That really would be a software issue and apple would work out how that can be implement it more for the benefit of users.

The other thing that we know is that they are looking at doing different screen sizes.

This has been an issue for a while.

Samsung has done very well with the note series.

Apple stuck with the one size throughout and then upgraded to an iphone 5 style, which is a bit eager.

For now, apple is looking to increase the size and even two sizes larger.

That is something that they will be looking at.

Whether they bring it to market it remains to be seen.

? it remains to be seen.

The product cycle is so long.

A new iphone every year.

What do people really make of this?

We wait and wait and it seems that samsung catches up the whole time and has overtaken apple in many ways.

Much true.

That is the criticism of apple.

But at the same time, they have both had this policy that they will never put out a product until they feel it is totally ready, giving a year-long product cycle, allowing them to really be sure.

It's just a different approach they are taking.

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