Snapchat for Business: New App Keeps Messages Safe

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Jan. 8 (Bloomberg) –- Confide Co-Founders Jon Brod and Howard Lerman discuss their new app that allows sending private, screenshot-proof messages that disappear. They speak to Deirdre Bolton on Bloomberg Television’s “Money Moves.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Record messaging system for the corporate world.

So glad to see you guys.

How did you come up with the idea?

, it was simple, howard what's -- it was simple, howard was the cofounder and ceo.

I sent him an e-mail saying i know this guy is work for, i would like a reference for him.

We were so busy that it took us six days to connect.

We said there was a fundamental problem here, it needs to be solved.

That's great, a real-world problem, you take to find a solution.

How is the technology different from snap chat?

We use end-to-end crimp -- and to end encryption.

We couldn't look at the messages even if we ask -- we were asked to or want to.

Only your physical device can actually read messages sent to you.

In theory, if it is not being stored anywhere it is safe from hackers?

It is.

What did you think we saw these headlines about snap chat?

Everybody thought that was safe and then 4.5 million users later -- was that a test case for you?

It is more of an on -- more of an authentication problem.

We have taken a number of safeguards.

There's a kennedy in cat and mouse game.

But the fundamental architecture was different for us.

People have warned some of the programmers that there's a lot of people in the tech community.

What about regulatory challenges?

The seems that it is for professionals.

What about these ideas of sending messages -- we have been following these allegations of insider trading and you can go the wrong way with this pretty quickly.

It is a communications platform similar to e-mail, instant messenger, even the phone itself.

The users have to do what is lawful, what is appropriate for the workplace and themselves.

Any other tool can be used for evil.

We hope for good, we created it for ourselves.

Because you're working for corporations, do you expect more regulatory hassle than the average company that is not working with business people?

We are still a consumer app.

We are not selling anything to businesses.

We are sort of like linkedin.

It is a professional angle but fundamentally it is a consumer app.

I know you are growing word- of-mouth.

We are going to see this in a couple of different industries.

You are going to invite him onto

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