The Victoria's Secret Model Who's a Secret Genius

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Feb. 7 (Bloomberg) -- Computer programmer Lyndsey Scott discusses her app development that grew out of necessity from her modeling career and personal life on Bloomberg Television’s “Market Makers.”

Ugandan news.

There's also an app for models and actors and other artists to show off their portfolios.

Quite how does it work?

It allows the user to customize for folio.

You can -- portfolio.

You can edit the images he could have multiple portfolios and show multiple portfolios for different castings.

How do you make money?

There is advertising and an in-app upgrade.

How do you recognize the -- reconcile the obvious difference between the two things to do in your life.

In one hand you are an object.

On the other your clearly somebody who has some brain power to put it to use developing apps.

As a model of ever felt like an object.

There's an artistic aspect to what i do.

You put on different outfits and you become different actors a convey different emotions.

There is a creativity involved in that that is similar to the creativity that is involved when i'm making my apps.

Matchmaker is your next.

That would be the last thing on earth you need is a matchmaker.

Tell us about that.

I do not know where your sources are but i like them a lot.

If they think i do not need this project.

It is hard being in new york.

Going out and meeting people who are like you.

It is very difficult.

With the matchmaker -- a model like you, truly, honestly you're having a hard time eating somebody who is like yourself?

I'm sure you're not looking for a male model who happens to be a computer geek, but really.

You're developing this app out of a sense of personal frustration?

Is not just for love.

It is also for friendship and business.

Say you aren't a bar or a business mixer you set your criteria -- say you are at a bar or a ms.

Business mixer it'll tell you if matches are compatible.

It is more targeted.

It will notify you when there someone in your vicinity.

It checks your personality.

It checks the other people's personality in your area.

It will notify use the cynically when this person is a someone that you should be talking to.

It is a way to promote real-life social networking and prevent missed connections from happening.

It seemed like it would take an extra dinner him out of coding to create this.

What went into it?

What -- an extraordinary amount of coding to create this.

What would into this?

It only took a few months for the first version.

It relied heavily on some of the ios 7 new capabilities.

I had to research what it was capable of.

And incorporate that into my app.

And needed to put together an algorithm and a competitor or the algorithm.

And i needed to back end server to help support all of it.

Did you do all the coding yourself?


Why do you think there are not enough women coding?

They're trying to attract women.

Why do more women not want to code?

In our country we have a major issue of making computer science excessive bowl.

It is only taught one out of every 10 high schools right now.

It is a lot of fun.

I challenge anyone who does not think it is fun.

There is an interface that will allow you to make your own program.

It is super important right now.

Computer science jobs are growing twice as fast as the average job in our country.

The fact that we have so few women and people of color involved is a huge detriment to our society.

Our thanks to the model, coder.

An olympic medal could be worth

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