A Lot of Love for Mansfield at Apple: Malik

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July 29 (Bloomberg) -- GigaOm Founder Om Malik discusses the executive shuffle at Apple with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

And the long-term chip strategy.

I am joined by the founder of digg -- giga ohm.

We are hearing bob mansfield wanted the change.

He has stepped away from day- to-day executive duties and he is focusing on new things.

I think special products is a euphemism for new products and i am pretty sure they can not talk about it.

This is part of the process at apple.

They keep working on new things all of the time, and as a result, he is saying i do not need to travel to asia as much, do a lot of the things.

I just need to focus on the next wave of innovation, which is extremely vital.

Otherwise, there is no apple story.

Tell me about bob mansfield.

He tried to retire.

Tim cook brought him back.

What is so great about him?

A lot of people love him.

It'll work for him love him.

He -- people who work for him love him.

He understands things at a deep level, semiconductors and how they interface with society and he understands the apple philosophy.

More importantly, he understands the apple way of doing things and working with other apple people.

There is a lot of love for this person.

That is why he might be worth the $85 million.

Since steve jobs passed away, ron johnson, scott forestall, both left apple.

Is there any connection?

I think ron johnson had a great shot to be the ceo of a retailer and try to prove himself as a retail genius.

He took a shot and it did not work out.

He moved on.

Scott forstal had persona issues.

He was a political animal and that ran against the apple way of doing things.

He was shown the door politely.

As far as mansfield is concerned , he has been at this for a long time.

It is not related.

Let's talk about morale.

One analyst put out a report that morale was low and people were thinking about moving elsewhere.

It is silicon valley.

People move elsewhere all the time.

There are people that are not happy because their options are not worth anything anymore.

They are not making the kind of money they were making when apple was still a $25, $30 stock.

Stock has declined, and that causes a morale issue, but i do not think it is as much of an issue as we make it out to be.

The bigger issue for the company is there is a narrative of negativity around the company.

We choose to believe everything negative about this company because it is the way that names are.

You bring people up, bring them down, and build them up.

I think the narrative is definitely shifting.

Yes, they have more competition.

People are coming up to them more often, so they have to deal with these things in a different sort of way.

It is not just one product, one company.

Speaking of people leaving, zynga is a company where more people than usual seem to be leaving, and you had some strong words about zynga with the new ceo.

You wrote "of course things are not going to work and this time zynga's board will have the perfect fall guy, mattrick boy.

It is what it is.

It is very clear that this is a company that is in deep trouble.

I do not think that don or anyone else can save the company could the company has to do -- company.

The company has to do a cultural overhaul and drafting new dna.

I do not think it is possible.

If they wanted change, mark pincus should have been out of the company, that is change and that is complete overhaul of the company.

Then i think they have a shot.

Don will be the fall guy.

He will not make things work.

At the earnings call he said it will be at least one other quarter before they review everything, and then let's say they start making creative, long-form games for this new world -- i am not sure who the new world belongs to because they have no mobile play or ideology behind creativity.

I do not see anything happening for at least one year and things will get progressively worse.

The pressure will be on someone.

I do not think mark pincus wanted to take the hit.

He wanted someone else to take the arrows.

Do you think zynga is doomed?

Is there any chance they turn around?

I would not say they are doomed, but they are climbing a glass wall with nothing but their nails.

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