A Look at Twitter's Television Connection

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Oct. 9 (Bloomberg) –- Jon Erlichman reports on Twitter's TV connection. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Twitter as it pertains to television.

They started we -- nielsen unveiled this new way to measure tv because of all the talks taking place on twitter.

There was an announcement between twitter and viacom tied to international markets.

Now you have what i do, basically treating twitter as a tv guide with this partnership between twitter and comcast.

It is largely tied to some of the nbc rogue ramming.

You can click on a link and see what people are talking about.

It allows you to watch live shows on nbc or on-demand.

You can set your dvr through the see it feature.

Comcast owns fandago and there is the option to buy movie tickets.

If you are twitter, you love this.

It is about the tie between twitter and television, but also new business areas that twitter could push into will be looked at.

You think of the pending go -- the fandagongo announcement and it is along the same lines.

There it stood -- the discussion of over-the-top, and it seems there is a paradigm.

Look at comcast, time warner cable, any of the big pay tv players -- they have spent so much time on authentication and tv everywhere, this idea of being able to watch different programs through the cable that you pay for on your phone, on your tablet, because that is the reality.

People are consuming more shows as they go.

If they cannot easily access that through the cable provider they are already using, heck, there are other options.

You can pay for netflix.

Another great example is directv offering the sunday ticket package on your phone.

At big campaign this year called football on your phone.

That is all the great stuff.

With this deal, we will have to use this as a test case of whether or not twitter truly is a tv guide.

Is it a place where people want to talk about the shows they have been watching and get lots of reaction to that?

Or do people truly want to discover shows this way and then literally watch them from there?

Looks interesting stuff, indeed.

It is interesting to see them tackle this right away.

Thank you very much.

Now to apple.

The company is planning a press event and two weeks.

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