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Dec. 31 (Bloomberg) -- mlbdailydish.com's Chris Cotillo discusses digital journalism on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance." (Source: Bloomberg)

The world series and have 20,000 twitter followers, this next guest beat you to the punch.

He is still in high school.

Chris is in boston where he is breaking news from his twitter account.

Good to see you.

Two years ago you got an iphone and began tweeting anonymously without activation.

Now you) wes -- for a website and attend -- now you write for a website and attend winter meetings.

Was this the plan?

It really wasn't always the plan for me.

I just started keeping track of baseball for my own use.

After it while i gained a substantial audience.

Once i was able to get sources in the game that was able to tommy information before anyone else i was able to turn this into a career.

You are a product of your generation.

You started off by e-mailing and texting a lot with your sources and only recently began to call them and speak with them on the phone.

What is more productive, and actual phone conversation or virtual communication?

And which do you prefer?

Personally i prefer text or e-mail because i am in school most of the time when this is happening and i can't take phone calls during class.

I also like to have a record of the information i am getting.

If i have it right in front of me i am going to be more accurate than if i have to remember it from a phone call.

There are a lot of people before you -- his worst at media bistro out of college -- how do you want to emulate that in his career path?

Will be the next step for you?

Just to continue what i am doing.

I have gained a pretty substantial following.

I have been noticed by people in the league.

I'll just continue to do good work and be a trustworthy source for baseball news.

Hopefully when i am out of school i will be able to write more longform things like profiles and expand my writing portfolio.

For now, still in high school, doing the breaking new stuff and be a trustworthy source is what i aim to do.

And oppressive career so far.

-- an impressive career so far.

What makes twitter so much different as a platform?

You have to make twitter is a conversation between you and your audience.

My articles are news that people are going to read.

Sometimes they respond but not all the time.

If i know i put out a 140 character tweet i know i'm going to get a bunch of responses.

It connects people with different opinions and provides a conversation.

What are you working on right now?

I want to know what you're going to break in the next two or three days.

Yeah, right.

Baseball slow this week with everyone taken the holidays off.

You never know what is going to happen but i am in -- i am a text away from breaking the news.

Is baseball cool with people your age?

Are you writing for an older audience?

I think baseball is a team that takes a lot of patience and my generation kind of is all about instantaneous -- it kind of difficult with the younger audience.

The are plenty of people who are very passionate about baseball in my age and people of -- people with childhood memories of going to the ballpark.

There is always going to be a nokia's for it.

Into so much.

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