Super Bowl Ads: What Works, What Doesn't

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Feb. 3 (Bloomberg) -- AOL Digital Prophet David Shing and Anomoly Founding Partner Jason Deland discuss Super Bowl advertising on Bloomberg Television's "Market Makers." (Source: Bloomberg)

Last night?

He keeps it real.

It was the cat.

Just kidding.

It was coke.

Coke was quite amazing and it created controversy around it for two reasons.

I'm talking about america, the beautiful.

The controversy for me was the fact they introduced a gay couple, the first time we have seen that.

Then they bragged about the commentary live.

It was not just the ad for me.

It was more about -- more people talking about it, so sentiment was way up.

The commentary around the ad itself, i thought was really amazing, as opposed to listening to people and bragging.

So many ads that ran last night, they drape themselves in patriotism.

That is what i want to know from these guys.

Patriotism, does it sell that well?

It is the super bowl.

I assume, yes.

I am asking.

A lot of it, the chrysler commercial with bob dylan, he broke my heart.

But it is all about america.

Is there anything more american than america at?


nothing more american than 150 americans watching one thing at one time.

It is the fourth of july of winter in a way.

Sometimes, effectively and sometimes, it has not been so great.

For the most part, it is a valid strategy.

Do you agree with david that having the conversation and social media, ali matt, it is a good strategy at the coke had a built-in controversy in their content.

A wise choice to use that to help fuel the conversation.

It was abrasive -- and embrace it.

Talk about it and move it forward.

There is social commentary in the very calm -- content they had.

A huge change.

Did advertisers embrace controversy a decade ago?

They ran screaming.

They hid under the covers your request yes.

General mills ran a multiracial family, which was lovely, but it was lost in the noise, especially when they ran the ad.

Some has to do with context.

When do you run your at?

Most people last night passes have have to not notice.

It was so polarizing.

The live event -- brand embracing, social commentary.

This year, everybody was listening.

The orioles didn't twitter wise.

On twitter, was that a good strategy?

I do not think their content was good enough to be honest.

Jcpenney, some people thought it was drunk tweeting.

The point was they were tweeting with mittens.

You do not think that was smart enough?

Who knew this would be a hot mess?

In terms of the social conversation, it adds to intrigue and is poking fun at yourself.

If you're going in that moment and front of all of the millions of people, if i have something to say about my company am a what will i do?

If you look at the context of where today's penny is as a brand -- lakhdar they have done that people would notice?

You do not care about jcpenney.

I do not.

If they had tweeted, look at our new february mittens, i would not have noticed very right time, wrong place.

In the noise last night, it is not just facebook and twitter.

It should be elsewhere.

Last night, i have a site and it is no reflection of the emotion they're playing.

What you guys did, you creep laid the ad before hand.

The challenges it was not the light -- quest there were surprise and delight moment but light did -- but light did.

And puppy walking over a keyboard, and as we leaned into the frame of success, we had a copy and britney spears reacting . releasing the ads earlier, this is a big topic and it relates to super bowl investment.

If you are a brand, it makes perfect sense.

Because of what we see in digital media, there is a lot of value in going early.

And simmers, we add so much feel to the game.

What is going on with the advertising in the game is an incredible storyline.

They are fueling their anticipation and excitement for what happened on sunday.

I thought the hashtag was wrong.

Yet a get that right.

That bothered me.

The other one, i do not have any idea what that was all about.

You are correct to point out there are other social media besides twitter and facebook.

Last year, we realized the power of twitter and super bowl lights went on, etc.. didn't say anything about twitter?

Volume went up only three percent.

It is outrageous.

140 characters, it is really hard to watch any event like that.

What was really important to me is, if i am trying to watch a live event, i get lost and have no idea what is going on.

Already too many tweets.

Way too many.

You can get lost in all of that.

Are we saturated?

Tweets only went up three percent.

Everyone is saturated by it.

One of the reasons you see so much emotion in the super bowl these days, trying to get a cute laugh or something like that, i think making us feel something collectively in one moment is a powerful thing.

You break through the surface level social media stuff.

Trying to get a cute laugh can be considered an authentic.

A month ago when david and i were talking about this year, he set authenticity is important.

I hate saying it.

It is like the new innovation, but hillary clinton tweeted last night with a funny and snarky comment.

To me, it did not feel authentic.

Maybe hillary clinton has a witty teen, but when you read that, does it make you say that is her voice or does it make you feel she has got a genius chief of staff?

It is a cheap chuckle.

You pass quickly from that to something with subs and.

250 are ads.

There were probably 60 plus adds.

We will only remember about five of them.

The one i thought cut through interesting were the quiet ones.

So much noise going on in the game.

The ones that require went back to the human storytelling -- authenticity is an overplayed were.

When we think about what works in the super bowl and what plays, you have to entertain the authentic measure and if you do not, you fall flat.

Authenticity is the new destruction.

I have no doubt your favorite ads were budweiser ads.

My favorite ad of the super bowl was one that did not air during the super bowl.

Will you air this?

Have you seen this?

He is the host.

Yes, i did see it.

Why did nobody have the coneys to air this?

That is the wrong word.

Maybe it is the right word.

That guy is gnarly.

So good.

If it is my choice, i would not run a super bowl ad.

I would do a super bowl deal.

I would make tv for online.

Suddenly, you have an ad that is a bit passe.

I thought newcastle year was interesting.

We would do an ad that is not dirty or 60 or 130. it could be 10 minutes for all we care.

It goes straight to say better stories happen there.

Before you go, you have to tell us, the budweiser ad, was it a bunch of people in the room with whiteboards and he said, puppies, american flag, flag sales?

I wish i could say yes.

It is not the case.

We are searching for a narrative true to the land.

Sales since prohibition are a big part of the country.

And americana point of view.

And i think carrying on from last year, telling an endearing story about how some relationships defy reason.

There is a truth in that and we thought the super bowl was a brilliant place to tell that story.

It is like our relationship,

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