A Look at Telkonet's Ecosmart Energy Management

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Jan. 24 (Bloomberg) -- Telkonet President and CEO Jason Tienor discusses the company's energy management software on Bloomberg Television's "Money Moves." (Source: Bloomberg)

Your biggest clients.

Government facilities, hospitality.

If i go into a hotel room -- i am complaining about the cold to anybody who will listen.

That includes you.

If i crank the heat and leave my hotel room, it is going.


That crazy person is gone.

The room is only occupied about 30% of the time it is checked out.

70% of the time, the hotel is heating or cooling that room.

That is a lot of loss.

Schools like nyu, uc davis.

Dormitories, very much.

Students are leaving those rooms.

They do not want to be leaving the lights on.

We automate the environment.

When nobody is there to experience the benefits, we try to cut energy consumption.

Military as well.

Training facilities, people are not there 24/seven.

-- not their 24/7. the government is paying that.

Our tax dollars are going toward it.

It is really important to build in these controls.

This area, the connected home were connected business -- this is becoming super hot.

But what share of the market do you need?

As a ceo, what am i supposed to do?

It can be a $23 billion market.

There is an integration with other types of systems we work with.

Beyond building a management system, building demand response systems, utility automation systems -- that allows them to create the automation they are truly looking for.

What is the biggest challenge for you?

Is it building the technology that makes these things work?

Is it more of a business issue?

Right now, it is more of a business issue.

We have the technology in place to do this.

We have standard light switches that replace the light switch in your wall.

We do everything to control the energy costs.

The business case is making sure the roi is there.

We want our customers to engage with the technology.

The next steps?

Continue to increase the integration, working with utilities on the demand/response side.

Our ability to participate in the next three years alone makes it really easy for our customers to move ahead.

A mobile environment, you have your smart phone.

You walk into your room, the temperature is automatically set for you.

Drapes open.

Lights come on.

You stay somewhere else, you see the same type of environment.

Using the data in the cloud to create that environment for you,

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