A Look at Rupert Murdoch’s Big Bets

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July 16 (Bloomberg) -- Jon Erlichman reports on the strategy behind Twenty-First Century Fox’s offer to buy Time Warner. He speaks on “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)


This is not about vanity or winning, this is about strategy.

What is it?


Being a visionary.

You profiled a lot of entrepreneurs, a lot of people who are thinking about the future and trying to run their businesses in a similar fashion.

Rupert murdoch has been doing this for decades.

And it comes to being entrepreneurial, there are different facets of it.

Whether it is willing to move quickly on a deal, whether it is willing to try a new business and push aggressively like when they launched fox broadcast in the first place or when it comes to putting people in the incisions of power.

A lot of people who work for rupert murdoch over the years have talked about a big company where there is a bit of a startup field because of his interest in moving quickly.

In this particular case, while we talk about rupert murdoch, we have to talk about his right hand man, chase carey.

The increasing role of james murdoch, one of his sons who has been focused on the television assets.

I think with that collection of thinking on the view and a lack of fear.

Since his twitter account, not a lot of corporate ceos are willing to say what they feel.

Speaking about his reputation, does rupert murdoch have a reputation of being a shareholder friendly?

It is feeling like this deal may ultimately be a shareholder decided deal.

Already we are talking about the fact that we have shareholder bases at both foxx and time warner.

The group that he might have to be convinced of whether or not this is actually a good path or not are similar individuals.

If you look at what happened with the mess that was the phone hacking scandal, the split up of the two different businesses which was seen as a shareholder friendly thing.

Things like stock buyback.

There is this view that foxx is a well-positioned business that has strategically made investments over the years, led by murdoch, that may be do not make sense right away.

That have set them up for profit and revenue generation going forward.

I think they're in a position to have the benefit of doubt from shareholders.

I've spoken to at least two today who are encouraged by this development.

I do believe that a lot of the shareholders who are invested in 21st century foxx are also invested in time warner , right?

Yes, it was fascinating to see jeff up-ice talk about the fact that there is no interest at the board level of engaging with foxx at all right now.

It did feel like that was a little bit of positioning because you have so many other potential suitors who are tied up.

We talked about it earlier in the program with time warner cable being swallowed up i comcast and at&t not able to do anything because it is acquiring directv.

It is a very different tone than to say, we are not interested in doing this deal at this price because we are worth more, which is certainly the way things played out with time warner cable.

If there is this view that the shareholders are getting something that also helps foxx, maybe they will be more willing to do a deal like this.

-- that also helps fox, maybe they will be willing to do a deal like this.

One of the weakest deals with

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