A Look at Range Rover's New Luxury Ride

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Nov. 4 (Bloomberg) –- Range Rover is about to unveil its first ultra-luxury SUV, the Autobiography Black. Only 100 will be available in the U.S. and industry watchers say it will sell out fast. The SUV is loaded with plush details, including rear seats that recline, almost four feet of legroom, and a refrigerated wine cooler to keep the bubbly chilled. The SUV will start at $165,000. Matt Miller has more on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

On bloomberg television.

Range rover is the first luxury car maker to roll out an issue be.

I'm not so sure about that, but i will tell you who does know, matt miller.

Is that a fair statement?

But it is the first ultraluxury suv.

What does that mean, "ultra"? were talking about $200,000. bentley has talked about it but hasn't done it yet.

Rolls-royce, we are hearing they may do it.

Maserati, lamborghini, just check out the package.

The queen of england has an official car made bespoke by bentley, but her grandson drives an suv, a range rover.

They have replaced limousines as the hip way for the young and wealthy to travel.

It's all about to change.

The range rover long wheelbase black series will offer rear seats that recline and massage whatever royalty is riding in the back while see -- while she reaches for a bottle of bubbly from the refrigerated cooler.

It is eight inches longer than the standard and will be limited 100 vehicles here in the united states.

It will go for about $165,000. range rover is now wriggle enough for her royal highness to ride in the backseat.

That is an actual picture of queen elizabeth driving herself in a foodiehoodie.

But a wine cooler in the front seat?

You're not supposed to drink and drive.

You are allowed to drink and ride, at least i do.

Open containers in a car?

In a limo, it is a free country, isn't it?

This will be the first carmaker to come out within ultra luxury suv.

This is a $200,000 suv, and it has been a long time since any of the high end rolls-royce -- it will be interesting to see if they are successful.

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