A Look at Nike's Cold Weather Super Bowl Apparel

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Jan. 29 (Bloomberg) -- Nike Global Creative Director Todd Van Horne discusses outfitting Super Bowl players in cold weather apparel. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

A very exciting time.

This really launches the next platform.

This combines the weather elements are the moments they will have on those conditions.

This is what the playing conditions will be.

We have everything that gives the warmth without the oak, a full range of motion.

That gives them the advantage.

You service all of the programs.

You have a special relationship with the broncos, even back to the redesign with them back in the 90's. thank out, you redesigned it.

Then we have had a great relationship with seattle and that being a redesign that we just completed.

That is a reason that we are biased on that matter.

Talk to us about some of the product changes.

One of the main innovations is, vapor carbon cleat.

It gives the stiffness where they need for explicitness and for range of motion and lateral stability.

Also because you like the word.

It is light weight.

That is one of the main pieces.

Carbon fiber is expensive material.

When you ache about global sourcing, do you think about the unavailability?

Wesley leslie listen to the athletes.

You can get it for those athletes, it is no holds barred for what they need and giving that advantage.

Possibly my favorite book about this.

What he describes is a company built around the culture, around an idea.

And it is carried around all of the employees.

And this translated to the markets.

This is about here is a better and cheaper product.

It is the way the foundation of our company.

We listened to the voice of the athlete.

That is how we innovate and move forward.

Here is my question, what this technology due to your brand?

Why talk about technology?

You could argue about that they have always done that.

What just analogy making nike?

A a good brings new materials.

It brings new ways of making products.

By affiliating yourselves with the fuel band, for example, kind of a more old-style technology as well as a material science that you are on the cutting-edge of.

What does that due to the way people perceive nike?

We perceive them as a modern sports design company.

I think that gives our athletes a competitive advantage for when they gear up with us.

I think a proposal is to try new things, new ideas, and new ways of going to market.

Is there a point at which the gear is so good that it helps to protect the players so much from injury that it leaves the players plane so aggressively that they cause more injuries.

There is a rise in head injuries in some ways.

We don't create the helmets.

We do the pharaoh and footwear above.

We have problems with physiology that really installed.

Keep it more comfortable.

What are you going to do on sunday?

I am watching the game.

Who do you like?

I had a great relationship with the broncos.

You are from the northwest.

There is some association there.

I think it will be an exciting one.

I'm going to watch it from my

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